Thanks a million for giving me fond memories this summer in my own back yard. We would swim way into the night.

Water has always been a way for me to exercise without stress on my knees as well while my family is together I can workout and have fun at the same time!

I highly recommend this to every family it's a way for you to have fun and the pool is beautiful and trust me my guys are 6'9 and 6'5 and over 200 lbs of all roughness so it sturdy we play volleyball,football and water polo. Get a pool full of guys and tomboys trying to outdo each other spells "BLUE WORLD POOLS".Give them a call tell them Glenda from Lumberton,NC sent you!I promise you wont be sorry.

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I have great memories of many summers with my family ..... none of which include Blue World Pools.


How much did they pay you to lie about their over priced TRASH?????? People dont fall for these ads from these SCUMS!!!!!

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