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Blue World Pools stopped payment on my paycheck. I provided them with the proper 7 days notice and my final paycheck of only $1498.55 was returned to my bank unpaid.

I have called and left messages for Sean Warren, Mike Warren, Kevin Fisher. These are the owners and top management that would take care of this issues as well as issue the stop payment. Kevin Fisher does the payroll. Mike Warren as well as another individual signs the checks.

Each time I call I am placed on hold by the girl that answers the phone. She then returns to me and informs me that they are either in a meeting or are not in the office. I did file a compalint on this site a few days ago detailing thier operation.

Again I would like to extend a request to a lawyer that might be interrested in going after these people to please contact me. This website will provide you with my personal contact information.

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Colstrip, Montana, United States #24777

The case file cited below relates to a civil -- not a criminal -- investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.

Case Number: L08-3-1097

Subject of investigation:

Blue World Pools, Inc.

Subject's address:

2533 N. Carson Street Suite 4925 Carson City, Nevada 89706

Subject's business:

Internet advertisement and sales

Allegation or issue being investigated:

Potential unfair and deceptive trade practices as it relates to bait and switch advertising for pool installation packages.

AG unit handling case:

Economic Crimes Division in Jacksonville, Florida

Buffalo, New York, United States #12901

Good Job Kim.... saw the interview on the internet Ft Smith TV.

Unfortunately when you do a search on this company, the Ft Smith and the Jacksonville TV Investigative reports are located on the 6th page. You see Eric Will who works for BWP is doing blogs to place the bad info on the last pages, so that customers can't find them

Buffalo, New York, United States #12060

Contact Paul Davis at the Federal Trade Commission Atlanta Office.. he will help you...

You can also contact the Georgia Consumer Protection Agency.

They will also guide you. If you are interested in an Attorney that specializes in Class action Lawsuits and is aware of this company you can contact the Law Firm of Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer in Columbus Georgia

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #11665

We are not ridiculous, you may have rec'd your pool, and that is questionable but we as sales people are not paid. You as a consumer, if you really are can buy the same thing from a local pool company for thousands less, not to mention at a lot less than 24.9% interest.

BWP is a joke and all I can tell you is my experience with them has been less than favorable. They are a company that preys on people with low credit scores and runs credit reports without you knowing it.

There are a lot of states that have interest state caps and I wonder if they are violating those?????? Read your contract buddy I hope you don't loose your job and they take your home like they have many of others!!!!!

La Valle, Wisconsin, United States #11646

you all are ridiculous....

i got their pool a couple years ago and we love it...

Cudahy, Wisconsin, United States #11548

I also worked for this company and agree w/everything here. I had the same problems with them, I contacted the Attorney General in my state and the local tv station running their ads.

They aired an interview with me tonight and pulled their ads. Good luck I have not rec'd my money either.

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