Hubbard, Texas

On July 5th, we had a salesmen at our home to consider buying a pool. After 4 hours of deal making we had signed up and put a deposit on a $22,000 pool that was promised to be installed in 2wks.

The very next morning, I called to cancel the order. The customer service rep. told me he would send my deposit back to me and there wouldn't be any problems. 4wks later, they call to inform me I can't cancel they were going to put a leen on my house, and make me pay for the pool.

After scamming a little more, we thought we couldn't do anything about it. We find out our check was cashed and were guaranteed a pool installed by 8-15, well this morning I get a letter in the mail stating that their lenders are being "picky" and they can't finance a pool at this time.

It's 2 months later, the end of summer and we have no pool, we lied to and robbed!BLUE WORLD POOLS IS A JOKE!!!!

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Blue World Pools does assist some customers in obtaining financing for customer service purposes. If we were unable to obtain financing for you and you did not wish to obtain your own financing call 1 800 706 0907 ext 3031 and speak to Sean to get your refund as soon as possible. I can help!


call your Attorney General

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