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Always trust your instincts. I didn't until it was almost too late.

My husband signed the contract after I left the room. I called the salesperson back telling them that I wanted my signature on the contract too and to do it over. I got the contract and scribbled all over it before they could stop me saying I wanted another contract. I got the downpayment check plus the voided check they wanted to use for an automatic withdrawal.

Very vague information and still fell for it. Ticks me off that I was such an *** for listening to the spiel even when I heard the price for an above-ground pool 24' x 48'?? for $21,000. What an *** I am!

They were flabberghasted that I didn't want it after all and didn't sign another contract. I did not give my credit card numbers or anything, they gave me back everything (supposedly). How in the blue blazes did they do a credit check on my and my husband before they got to my house with only our birthdates?? What!??

I hope I'm in the clear but still... Also, the sales "lady" smelled like she had been drinking.

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Good move cause this company is trouble like real trouble. I am seeking legal counsel to see what rights i have so far i have seen three and all read the contract and think its complete ***.

THey havent installed my pool an they never will if i have something to do with it. I would much rather spend thousands fighting them then making payments on a 10k above ground pool what an *** i was to fall for this bull.

But you live and you learn and you move on. Im fighting not letting this company bully me.....hope others fight too.

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