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I called the number as advertised on TV to inquire about the selection of above ground pools. Guy shows up on 5/9 at 730pm didnt leave until after midnight on a weekday.

I was bamboozeled to signing this god for saken contract for a 8800 above ground pool 18x48. The very next day (i know ***) i decide to read what i have signed and immediately contacted my sales guy via, Email and said i wanted to cancel. He then called me and said ok ill take care of it. I then asked is there anything else i need to do?

he said no ill cancel it. So i go on about my day and when i got off something told me to just send a text to make sure i had canceled in time etc. He then called not text back and said i was good and would receive my 400 deposit back. I was like cool.

I went out Friday May11 and purchase another above ground pool from a local store 21x52 for 3000.00 and took it home. (this how much i was sure this was over) I then get a call on 5/14 Monday from the financing department from blue world pool stating that they were calling to go over my financing terms. I then said oh no i canceled dont need to. hung up.

This guy called me back 5 mins later Kevin Fisher stating my three day time ran out and in order to cancel i needed to pay 4400.00 or just continue on with the process i then said NO i dont want it good bye. (hung up) he called right back and said take it or pay 4400 or we will put a lien on your house and foreclose on it. MY HEART SUNK AND I IMMEDIATELY FREAKED OUT THINKING WHAT IN THE HECK HAVE I not wanting to alarm them and buy myself sometime to think I said ok fine ill just go through with it he then said ok financing will call you later to go over terms. I immediately started looking up lawyers that deal with consumer fraud, consuemr law deceptive trade practice etc.

My goal was to not alarm this company until i one disputed my deposit with my ccard company, closed my cking account and put an alert on my ssn before they went haywire on their end. So after seeing 3lawyers and speaking to over a dozen. I have decided illl take my chances fighting this company. I will not allow them to bully me into installing a pool i cant afford and dont want.

They quoted me a rate of 35% a payment of 229 for 144 months that is obsurd to pay on anything other than a house that long. Ill be *** as of now this is my status. ...Blue world pool thinks everything is going as planned mean while im researching and have closed all my accounts they have access too and hired a lawyer who will deal with them going forward.. Ill take a breach of contract or any other consequences but i will not stand to be bullied by these *** who have been taking advangtage of ppl for so long.

I hope my story will encourage others to fight as well.


Monetary Loss: $8800.

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What lawyer did you use? Can you please give me a name and number.

If he was able to do that for you maybe he can help me before this pool is installed. I feel bombarded and kevin fisher is a pushy little **** who continues to exploit peoples weaknesses and use it against them.

Brian ward

Omg I just signed with them. They haven't delivered pool yet.

I am past 3 day period. Any advice on getting out? Anyone have a status on where they got out a contract?

I am very concerned because I feel bamboozled and am concerned about there clause about putting a lien on my home. Need advice fast and I am calling them this morning.


What can we do? Blue World got me too.


My mother is going through the same thing...what was the outcome


yes if you start a class action law suite please contact me at I to have a account with them I get bullied every month and texted that I have lien on my home I go though this every month .


same here: HORRID AND THREATENING! I called Kevin Fisher yesterday to ask for a full refund of the deposit ($100 of $700) that momma gave them for her "new $299 pool".

My mom and stepdad have dementia and are their '70's and '80's. When I found out that my mom called to cancel the pool (since it turned out to be closer to $10,000) they would not do so. That's when I stepped in and called the finance fella, Mr. Fisher.

He told me that they would NOT cancel the pool. He told me that he is continuing with the order and that is too bad. I asked him to please consider the fact that elderly folks cannot afford this on a fixed income and he proceeded to threaten me saying that momma signed a contract giving them the right to put a lien on her house. He told me that he couldn't speak to me without a power of attorney (even though he actually did speak to me about it for almost 10 minutes...).

I offered to get my mom on a 3-way call so he could have her permission. He refused and told me that if I call again, it would be considered HARASSMENT and then hung up on me. However, before Mr. Fisher hung up on me, he was loud and talking over me.

I had asked that he send me a copy of her contract (which she cannot find, which isn't surprising as she was admitted to the hospital today with heart issues!) and he refused. Once again telling me that my word was worthless and this conversation never happened. I asked if he would send it to her email address. He again refused to send it to his own 'client'.

After he hung up on me my husband was furious and suggested that I call an attorney. Obviously, my mom cannot afford an attorney and neither can I. Lastly, I called momma to call Mr. Fisher to get him to send her a copy of the contract.

He wouldn't take her call. So we decided to call the Attorney General's office in Austin.

They are going to help us by being our Consumer Advocate. I'll keep y'all posted.


Same thing has happened to me! I am stressing out.

Just because I changed my mind they said well we will get our money and you owe 5,000 dollars for a pool I don’t even have or want! And reading these reviews about putting a lien on your home!

That’s wrong! Something needs done about that company


Kevin Fisher and his lying coresive sales force (mike Malone) are still making more money tbough breach of contracts and threats then by selling pools .. Your story 98% matches mine except the actual sales person who came to our house is going on record backing up how i was told lied too. He quit the company and is giving deposition on my behalf,

Stay tuned



I have been through the same thing with them. I actually was asked for a copy of my deed of trust to prove it was my residence.

When I got the paper back (on the side of the freeway, after the installer chaasd me down) I didnt have time to read it. Weeks later I got an envelope of my deed on file with the county with a lein against my house with a diffrent deed of trust other than mine. They talked about foreclosing and we moved. Now I am in a pickle.

There is a true lein on my home and I am in a mess over all this. Funny thing is the sales woman wouldnt leave until I said yes, i would purchase it.


Update- I did not allow BWP to install the pool on my property its been a little over a month since all of this started and the last I heard from them was a threat to put a lien on my house to collect a debt (what debt)? i have nothing of theirs......When I said can you please contact my attorney regarding this matter he said NO we dont need to we will continue to contact you to collect this debt and put a lien on your job and house I laughed in his ear what a joke.......Then I politely said Mr.

Fisher do yo uhave a pen and paper to write down my attorney info he said I dont need it. I said well ok then you gotta do what you gotta do and so do I. He hung up and i called back and ask to speak to Kevin Fisher and when he got on the line I conference my attorney in and when my attorney offered his info mr fisher said allow me to transfer you to my voice mail so you can leave the details there. (he did and we did) and That was on 6/4/12 it is now 6/22 and I havent heard from them again.

My attorney is waiting on their next move and then we will proceed from there. Mean time i check my property daily to see if any liens are filed and monitor my credit report...Ill keep you posted if anything further takes place.


we got a pool from them, it fell apart after a couple of years. rude people to.

we missed one payment and they put a lein on our house, never let us know about it.

we found out from our banker,who took care of it. please people don't buy from blue world pools.


Hi Andrea, Do you actually have their pool?


If you hear anything about a class action suit against these people let me know!! Please post asap!!

I've been fighting for years. I even contacted the office of Amy Sans. Shes a comsumer person down in Georgia where they were based.

I never heard anything back. But she told me they have been working on something.


I am so glad I read up on all of these complaints. I am very proud to be in the sales industry and selling this kind of *** to people and calling it a "honest living" is beyond me.

I was about to take a sales position with this company, but will not be doing so now.

I believe in representing a quality product and understand every company is in business to make money, but lies and being a bully is just not my thing. Thank you !!!!!