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So upset!!!! We were lied to so bad.

Got a pool from blue world pool in May 2013, meet with a salesmen and was lied to about price of pool paid 1000 down and paper said balance due was 8500, I called to get a payoff and was shocked, now a year later blue world tells me we owe over 15 thousand dollars on this pool. I would really like to know if anyone has filed a lawsuit against this company. Please if you see an ad on blue world pools take it from me and run run run as fast as you can. The price was the iceing on the cake we were lied to about a number of different thing.

I know we are not the only people who put in a pool for the kids and got scammed. I can't believe how the salesmen and people at BLUE WORLD POOLS can lay down and sleep at peace at night, I guess that's the difference in people. So please don't give blue world pools a chance to scam you. Oh by the way also found out if we pay our payments for the whole term it will add up to 33 thousand dollars.

We could have an In ground pool for less than that. So after saying that, I am very upset that this has happened to us and to everyone else, and it also sad that blue world doesn't have enough faith in their pools that they have to *** people to get business.

Thanks for letting me vent and remember run run run!!!!!! We have to stick together a stop blue world pools from scamming other innocent people so please help me and all the other victims of blue world pools.

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