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Last summer we saw the add for the pool that was $399. We called a few weeks later they came out. They told us about the more expensive pools. Then told us about the pool we were inquiring about. Of course it was a horrible pool compared to the others. So we were coned into a $10,000 pool.

A month later they come to install the pool. Because of course according to blue world we were gauranteed financing. We sat down to sign the final paper work and i noticed aditional 6 grand. I started griping they called supposedly the pres of blue world and said they had called and my husband agreed. They played me a recorded conversation. At least a partiall recoring. My husband said that they called and said we were approved for a FREE upgrade he declined and they said that we Have to pay $10,000 in full or they could take our house. So he knew we didnt have it he said whatever.

Well here we are one year later have paid ove 3000 and pay off is 500 more than what they said we owed on it 1 year ago. They r such crooks. There is sooo many things they have lied about i cant begin to remember all of it.

Lets see the pump was suppose to be so state of the art that u only run it 2-3 hours a day to save on the electric bill. Not true. If its not ran min, 8hrs per day u can not swim. My electric bill has been about $150 more a month than normal this time last year. Bleach only a gallon or 2 a month or every other month. Nope 3-4 gallons a week and thats not with rain or people swimming everyday.

Need less to say I have to refinance our house to try and stay in our home. By the way u might want to check and see about there lien on ur house. Ill post that after the closing. Loop wholes may be out there.

Bottom line if u see one of their commercials turn the channel. Their pools are junk their service is *** and lies.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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