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My husband and I bought an 27' round poo; from Blue World pools

at first we had several minor prblems, but Blue World has fixed all of them

and my childern are swimmimg again... thanks Blue world

I would recommend Blue World pools to anyone.. They are very nice poo;s and

almost maintance free. so you guys out there need an pool call Blue world pools

to get the job done, they will help in anyway they can.

With the hottest summer we have had in yhe last few years, your goona need one!

believe ne it's a dimond in the rough.... thamks Holly S.

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And im going to keep exposing you as the cheap scamming scums you are!!!!!!!! Take your trash to the dump where it belongs SLIMEBALLS!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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