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I am unfortunately a new customer that purchased a pool with Blue World Pools and I paid $2000 down and had our first initial $200 deducted from our account. So this month Sept/2012 I told Luther Davis back on Aug.

21, 2012 that our next payment will be of $3,000 on Oct.20, 2012 and then the remaining balance of 3,400 on Nov. 20, 2012. This employee of Blue world pools has called on home and job over 20 times in just 12 days over a two-hundred dollar payment. Screaming and yelling at us on the phone and hanging up on us.

So I sent a chat message about how their are laws that will be enforced if they continue to call and harass us and we are not even thirty days past due. It is called the Ohio Revised Code 1321 statute. Prohibiting Debt collectors communication and conduct #5 and E4. And this Eugene called my home screaming and would not let me talk what so ever.


And I am really paying this pool off within sixty days and this is the treatment I received... Absolutely TERRIBLE

Monetary Loss: $6800.

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I didnt see any evidence until now though. Then a upper office manager called me last night to try and work something out, or to get my version of what is bothering me..I simply told her that you all are bottom feeders and I know the Ohio Revised Code and the statutes states you cannot call twice a day for twelve days harassing me over 200.00 You will get 3,000 in October and I will be done with all of you for good!


I tried warning you people on SEVERAL OCCASIONS about these TRASH BAGS but you didnt listen!!! People beware of these RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!!!

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