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I don't really have anything to complain about. Our experience with Blue World Pools has been a mostly positive one. They had someone come to the house to explain how everything works and make the sale. While I was initially thrown by the high price, the longer I've had the pool and use the filter pump, the more I see the value. With the exception of a couple tweaks here and there, I only have to put in a large bottle of Clorox to keep everything running smooth. The installers were very quick with the job and did great on making my clean up part easy. My husband was able to build a deck around the used site with very few snags in his plans. I have called a few times since installation with concerns and questions, and I have always been answered in a very friendly and efficient way. The customer service, in all departments is fantastic. Winterizing has proven a little difficult, but I think I have it down now. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. If you have a little sticker shock, I'm not surprised, but the value and the ease of ownership makes it worth it!

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