This is an update from May of this year. I was employed by the company and upon quitting them my paycheck had a stop payment issued on it by Mike Warren.

Several calls to them about this go unreturned. They refuse to pay me for the hard work I did for them.I have filed legal action in the State of Florida, Pasco County. The registered agent for Florida, Andrew Warren, is dodging the legal summons for service as well as Mike Warren in Atlanta.

Why dont they just go ahead and do the right thing and pay what is owed?

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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same here. they are a total rip off.

Weber City, Virginia, United States #20524

Well here goes.. The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet? Can anyone give me any advice???

Buffalo, New York, United States #17175

Well I hope they don´t pay you.. for you were trying to ripoff honest customers with your bait and switch technique...

well you got screwed too... besides Andrew Warren DOES NOT LIVE IN FLORIDA... so I guess they will never be served. If you were SO Honest..

why the *** would you go and work for a company like that... they have had bad reports on them for over 5 years... Did you think they were untrue? Come on ..

you thought you could make money on these customers... Why don't you call the Florida Attorney Generals Office?

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