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I have also experienced the same deliberate deception and increase in price of the pool. I spoke with an attorney today and if you have signed a contract send them a cancellation letter immediately even if after the 3 days, and whatever you do, do not allow them to install the pool or you will be obligated to pay their rediculous price for sure.

There must be something we can do if we all ban together despite their threats of legal fees, liens on our property, etc. I was *** and did not search the internet for more information before I got hooked in. I am searching all avenues for solutions and am digging in for the fight and I will not give up until Blue World Pools is held accountable for the unethical and deceptive business practices.

Hurt in Missouri

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Chazy, New York, United States #23055

We have been mis-led and lied to from day one. Was unaware of how badly until the installer called to inform us that he has recieved our paper work.

He informed us that the pool is not chemical free as we were told and must be run 12 ours a day not 1-3 hours as we were told. Also we had to be upgraded as others have because they could not finance the lesser grade, but, for the same price, imagine that, but have to take covers and etc for additional $5000. dollars.

Well 18 days have passed since we signed the papers but we are going to cancel on breach of contract. We,re probably royally screwed :(

City Of Industry, California, United States #18932

I just contacted them about installing a pool. I am glad I came across this info!!

Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States #14133

Hi folks,

I'm a reporter for WSPA-TV and I'm researching complaints made against this company. I'm looking for former employees who can provide insight into this company and I coiuld really use your help.

If you worked for Blue World Pools & Spas, please give me a call.

Andy Pierrotti




Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, United States #13334

Blue world pool. Yep we got sucked in.

took them several days

to get back with us and then they tell oh we up graded your pool, this is the only way we can finance you and basicaly if we don't take this deal we half to get our own finance or pay 30% cancel fee. this sucks and we are stuck...

Buffalo, New York, United States #12133

Contact the Missouri Attorney General at 149 Park Central Square suite 1017, Springfield , Mo 65806 phone 417 895-6567. They are aware of this company and need your help to put them away

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