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We bought a pool off of Blue World Pools last year, was told that it would cost $4,000 and ended up costing $14,000. We were also told that if we cancelled they would put a lien against our house. We were also told that our pool would be a show pool and that we would get all the upgrades, we were also told that they upgraded our pool to a 27ft round pool for no charge, yeah right after it is all said and done, we will be paying $44,800, for a $4,00 pool. What a scam!!!!!!

They called me and said that we had called and cancelled our contract, and they were charging all this money, for a pool that we didn't even have yet. We had words and then they were a month late putting my pool in.

I told them they better not send anyone to my house, because I will tell them not to buy from this company. I have threatened them with a lawyer, but they know, once you sign the contract, there is nothing you can do. This company needs to be sued and stop right now. If there is anyway to do this, please email me at I would gladly jump on the wagon to stop this company.

What ever you do, DO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

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This company is the biggest PAIN in the "you know what". They call you on a daily basis, three to six times a day, including weekends.

They do make threats to take your house away from you. They try to try everything they can to intimidate you.

I was also told the same things about it being a show pool, getting the upgrades, and all that ***....This is the worst company to do business with. If I could go back to summer of last year, I would definitly NOT get a pool from there.

Augusta, Wisconsin, United States #23401

they have threatened to take my house. the pool was supposed to be a show pool, we have gotten one use out of the pool and it is in desperate need of repair already.

Weber City, Virginia, United States #20525

Well here goes.. The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet?

Can anyone give me any advice??? preston.jenniferholder at yahoo dot com I am in Jena, Louisiana 318-316-2903

Buffalo, New York, United States #19150

Do not pay for the pool. HPI is their own financing and they do not report tothe credit bureau.

Tell them to leave you alone or you will go to the attorney general and talk about their truth and lending violations...DO NOT PAY... they cannot do anything about it

Union Springs, Alabama, United States #18121

It appears that this company has screwing hard working people out of their hard earned money down to a T. so here is some information that hopefully will help some of you out.

First, if you are in day 1 or 2 of meeting with a salesman and want to cancel you need to type up a letter addressing it to the company. read your paperwork, it is clearly printed in there where to send the cancellation letter to. I met with the salesman on a Sunday, tried calling finance on Monday, and again Tuesday. Was told the typical 'I am not authorized to handle your cancellation but I will have the person who is call you back' This is where they get you. Ignore what they say type up your letter and get your happy rear to the post office by the end of day 2. pay the 16.00 to overnight the letter to the address in the paperwork where it says to send it. some have said they sent the letter to the companys home office in GA. Doing that can *** in the end as the paperwork you signed clearly states the procedure. With that said, now that you have sent the letter overnight you can track it through the usps website and you can also get signature verification. Print this information out and keep for your records. **you can also do this on day 3 as long as it is postmarked within the 3 days** and yes every state in the US has the 3 BUSINESS days (if you agree to get a pool on Friday you by law have until that following Wednesday to get it cancelled) contract cancellation policy.

Second, place a stop payment on your check. The stop payment is good for 6 months. Your bank will ask the reason (I think this gets sent to the company along with the returned check) you simply tell your bank that it is because you have cancelled your contract within the 3 day alloted time.

Total cost for cancellation... around $40

Money saved in the long term (including Interest) aprox $30,000 The ripple effect this would have on the company if everyone was able to do this PRICELESS

Strathmore, California, United States #17768

I'm sorry at the end, it should read DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

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