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mother of six kids husband is currently deployed. this letter is about the terrible experince im having with a company named Blue World Pools/ Global Sun/ Pools & H.P.I financing My husband saw a Blue World Pools advertisement on tv for a above ground Pool for $399 my husband phone Blue World Pools and on Jun 22,07 they sent a Blue World Pools Sales rep out to our home he never really mention much about the pool for $399 he was in attempt to sell us a 24 round above ground midline pool which the price was to 17,000.00 dollars my husband declined so sales rep starting showning us testimonials from other customers a letter from the president of the company Mark Warren sales rep was telling us all the good advantages of having a pool and buy owning a pool it could add value to our home. and the pool came with a lifetime guarantee if we had gotten the pool and did a show pool it would be a discounted price sale rep then got on the phone called his boss he got the price down to 10,233 and then the sales rep had a blue world pools contract which we all three had signed he told us it would only take two weeks and there would be a $500 installation fee sale rep accept a $200 check from my husband and sales rep stated that the balance of $300 dollars was due upon installment day. sales rep stated that he needed a copy of are deed due to past customers's not being the proper property owners' being first time home owner i gave him a copy he also ask did we have insurance coverage and we told him we had $300,000.00 dollars worth of coverage.we never see nor heard from sales rep, again On 31 Aug 07 two months later installers finally came they stated that they came from Indiana and they had paperwork for us to sign which we thought it was only for the installment and we gave $300 for installation we reviewed the paper work it had 6,139 dollars more we knew blue World Pools made a mistake on there part and just knew they would fix and correct the error that never happen after phoneing blue world pools time and time again no one was in the office to answer are calls.they had been taken are money out under a company name global sun pools and we wondered why they never send us a balance statment they never could tell us the interest rate so we refuse to pay they made threathing calls stating we going to take your house foreclose are put a lien on our home and also send us letters by UPS we did refuse to pay and go to a lawyer who stated we would have to go to Nevada pay Blue World Pools attorney fees and court and my husabnd went to our mortage company and get a lower interest rate on our house later to find out blue world Pools is consider a second mortage on are home i was livid i immediatly dug up my contract it was really a long contract that the sales rep should of went over with us we realized that the paperwork we signed for installment was a home inprovement loan we did not need home inprovement especially for a pool if we would of shopped around everything was very misleading especially about needing a copy of are deed since my husband been deployed i asked for a lower interest rate they never could tell us what the interest rate is by looking on my contract it was 16.99% and if late which we have been 25% which ever highest Blue world Pools stated they do not Honor the Soldier Sailor Act nor can they give us a lower interest rate we have been making are payments but it 262 a month for 120 thats 31,440 dollar probalely it could take up to 10 years to pay off the pool the pool is only worth 2,000 dollars around here i wish we would of research this more never thought we be going through all this over a pool this has been very stressfull since my husband gone Blue World Pools sent me a letter about some employees going to consumer affairs and Blue World Pools state they did nothing wrong this is ridiculous well it's seem to be a scam even though they show this good deal on tv and they are getting away with it been doing it and still doing it,and getting away it .Me and my husband are quite dissappointed to have dealt with blue world pools we which we could canceled they have a contract it seems you cant get out of.I have went to Consumer affairs,ftc,Military legal office,attorney general office in my state,georgia i hope this helps

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Send this complaint to the your State Department of Justice (Consumer Protection)


That's almost my exact experience with them. The salesmen was on his first sale and showed up in shorts and a t-shirt.

I kept his cell number and called him back later when the sales price was changed. He was clueless about their scam. If you have to take their financing, which they make sure you do, then they add fees and highter interest. I don't know about the home improvement loan, never heard that before.

I can't believe they don't have to honor the Sailor Act, though. That's a federal law, I'd really check into that.

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