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Thank you for informing about the blue world pools. I now can tell them to leave me alone if they come to my house and do their free ground inspection of my back yard for the $349 above ground pool.

They have not set it up yet with me, but plan to call and set it up soon.

If and when they call, I will inform them to leave me alone, and that I am not interested in their pool. I have read alot of complaints and these are very bad people...

Good Luck, and I hope you find others who can help sue their butts off!


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Waiblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #18823
:sigh wow im glad i read these reviews before they came. i scheduled a free estimate. i WILL cancel in the morning!
Buffalo, New York, United States #15002

Sparkle Diamond.. you can still get out of their scam.

If they did not advise you that you had 3 days to cancel, or hid the cancellation form in an envelope (2 of their MOs) , then you were not given proper cancellation notice. Call your attorney general (free call) and show them the forms

Miranda, New South Wales, Australia #14866

I wish I could have found these reviews before I was sucked into their scam!!!!!!

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