Want to know more about this company? Do a google search on complaints and on TV Investigations on Blue World Pools, Global Sun Pools, The Pool Depot and you will find the truth.

Yes all and the same company. They post the good reviews themselves. Check and call you state Attorney General Office. They will be very very helpful in telling you about this company.

They have been investigated by News reporters in Atlanta Fox5 , Dallas ABC, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tyler, etc.

Have paid hundred of thousands of dollars to the states of California and Arizona for violations, and reimbursed $2200 to each customer sold in the state of California.

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I just made my first payment on my pool. I haven't had any problems yet and now I'm scared I will after reading this. I see that the recent posts are from 2008, does anyone have a more up to date blog.


i bought some *** from them to , bad idea !!!! problems n more n still have the *** camt afford to throw in trash


We almost got taken in by blue world. The rep came out and we were interested in the 299.00 pool.

We were quoted a price of 19,000. We told the rep you must be crazy. She called someone on the phone who said it's the end of the season and we could get the pool for 9,000, but we needed to pay 250.00 today, and 500.00 when the pool was installed. My husband and I looked at each other and told the rep we will call you later.

The rep called the office again and was fumbling around thinking we were going to change our mind. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!!



Agreed to purchase one last night (Friday) then got up this morning with a clear head and wondered what the **** did I do? Researched the company on the internet (which I should have done BEFORE allowing them into my home) I then stopped payment on check and wrote my cancellation letters.

Sent one to Nevada and the other to home office in GA (same letter) overnighted and requested signatures.

They should get it first thing Monday morning. I'll keep you posted!!!

Colstrip, Montana, United States #25363

The Florida Attorney General filed a lawsuit In Jacksonville against Blue World Pools and just July 25, 2008 The Georgia Attorney General also filed a lawsuit againt this company Docket 08106883 Cobb County... Huuh I guess I am sure glad that I cancelled my appointment

Akutan, Alaska, United States #21460

I have a blue world pool we had installed last summer. No problems yet, they did take their sweet time installing it, but that was the worst. We're planning on paying it off in the next 2 years anyway, but with 6 kids I needed something for them to do in the summer.

Weber City, Virginia, United States #20515

Well here goes.. The salesman already came out I got the wonderful call about the great free upgrade I will be getting but the installers have not showed up yet? Can anyone give me any advice???


I have an autistic child who loves to swim... I was so desperate for a pool for my boy and I'm cash and credit poor, I almost went thru with the deal...

yeah some deal... put a lien on my home, trying to get me to sign blank financing forms, and then signing one for 25% interest, with no provided breakdown of how long the financing is, and best of all to the unsuspecting customer, they try to sell you a pool worth at tops 5 grand installed, for 15-20k? Avoid this *** like the plague!!! Thank God I got my cancellation letter into them within the three days.

I haven't heard from them yet.. (this is day 2), but I did track it at the USPS website and it was signed for and received, So I'm ready to battle if they want to start....

and I do know people!!! (and not the kind that you want your daughter dating.....

Union Springs, Alabama, United States #18122

It appears that this company has screwing hard working people out of their hard earned money down to a T. so here is some information that hopefully will help some of you out.

First, if you are in day 1 or 2 of meeting with a salesman and want to cancel you need to type up a letter addressing it to the company. read your paperwork, it is clearly printed in there where to send the cancellation letter to. I met with the salesman on a Sunday, tried calling finance on Monday, and again Tuesday. Was told the typical 'I am not authorized to handle your cancellation but I will have the person who is call you back' This is where they get you. Ignore what they say type up your letter and get your happy rear to the post office by the end of day 2. pay the 16.00 to overnight the letter to the address in the paperwork where it says to send it. some have said they sent the letter to the companys home office in GA. Doing that can *** in the end as the paperwork you signed clearly states the procedure. With that said, now that you have sent the letter overnight you can track it through the usps website and you can also get signature verification. Print this information out and keep for your records. **you can also do this on day 3 as long as it is postmarked within the 3 days** and yes every state in the US has the 3 BUSINESS days (if you agree to get a pool on Friday you by law have until that following Wednesday to get it cancelled) contract cancellation policy.

Second, place a stop payment on your check. The stop payment is good for 6 months. Your bank will ask the reason (I think this gets sent to the company along with the returned check) you simply tell your bank that it is because you have cancelled your contract within the 3 day alloted time.

Total cost for cancellation... around $40

Money saved in the long term (including Interest) aprox $30,000 The ripple effect this would have on the company if everyone was able to do this PRICELESS

Westernport, Maryland, United States #17795

I am in Arkansas and was thinking about getting one of these pools - glad I found this site first.

Miranda, New South Wales, Australia #14858

I have a Blue World Pool and I love it!, I don't love the company. Save some money and buy local! I have a wonderful pool, It was also expensive nad the staff are not good to deal with.

Kolonia, Pohnpei, Federated States Of Micronesia #13534

um... should i get a blue world pool?

Buffalo, New York, United States #12997

Brian.. They were just on TV in Ft Smith and Fayetteville for ripping off customers.

The TV station took them off the air. I guess your state attorney general is going to know about them now....

Verona, Wisconsin, United States #11936

I am a consumer in Arkansas that is currently experiancing the same problems with Blue World Pools at this very moment. I contacted the State Attorney Generals office and reported the issue. They had not heard of BWP yet, and I hope I can get this resovled. Any help will be appreciated.

Brian Davis


brian at groundfighters dot com

La Valle, Wisconsin, United States #11683

I have a Blue World Pool and I have not had any problems with the company.

Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States #11369

If you're a former company employee (in the Southeast) or current customer who lives in South Carolina, please contact me.

I'm a reporter for a CBS affiliate in South Caroilina, and I could use your help.


Andy Pierrotti




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