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Great thing you did not fall for the Blue World Pool Scam. My husband and I saw their commerical on television we contacted the company which advised they will have someone to come out and figure out where we wanted the pool installed, well we started at $299.00 and the price increased from there.

The sales person at that time ask if he could see a copy of my deed of trust he explained that he wanted to verify that we were buying our home and not a renter, because they would be unable to install if we were renting and not the owners. So we showed him a copy he ran a copy of the mortgage which he said he could take this to his office with our other paperwork. He informed us that we had up to 3 days to call and cancel, if we did not want the pool. So on my 3rd day we contacted the office and spoke with the secretary and she advised that she would cancel our contract.

Later that afternoon the office manager contacted my home and advised that we signed the contract that we could not get out of it, that a lien would be placed on my home unless we settle with their company for the $18,000 pool we selected and the plans that they advised an auto-cad was made(which we never received a copy of this). I recently went to refinance my home a little to my surprise they did place a lien on my home which i am currently speaking with an attorney on.

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You gave a complete stranger a copy of your deed to your house??? You deserve whatever you get


Send this complaint to your State Department of Justice ( Consumer Protection)

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