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Blue World lied and deceived me. I was told I was only signing an ok to put a pool in my back yard.I had no idea.praying on disabled seniors how despicable.When the salesman brought the paper work over for me to sign. The lowlife salesman said your only signing an authorization to give your permission to have the pool placed in your backyard.He keepted his hand over the place on the contract that said there would be a lien on my house.

I had no idea, especially since I am SSI for disability and have such a low mimium amount of income a month.

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sounds like i need to start selling swimming pools to dumb f-u-c-k-s or maybe I'll just buy one i got no nickels though .. but ill do it anyway




"I feel violated and ripped off" , you should you *** *** even if he wasn't a notary you signed it meaning he sold it to you. Don't buy *** if you don't have the nickels ***.


The review and comments on it are bold faced lies. IF your a disabled senior on SSI why were you buying a pool and unless your a complete *** *** why didn't you read the contract like most people do when signing it.Take it in your hand look at it, sign it.

And the lady with out two nickels what the *** would you get a pool for. Most people realize they can't afford it and make up lies because they didn't realize that when you buy a pool with a company that provides financing and you sign a contract if you stop paying the money will get collected somehow.

Your dumb as *** for signing ha go kick rocks or something. email me at


I can't understand this . How can people be so foolish


i was current on my payments and got a letter in the mail saying HPI/BLUE WORLD POOLS are going to collect all the momey that they say i owe them!!i also don't have 2 nickels to rub together right now and they could care less!!!i revoked their right to auto deduct my payments from my account and now they are going to try to collect money from me and also try to put a lean on my home and maybe even try to forclose on me!!! CAN THEY DO THIS?? i also was deceived by their salesman and he claimed to be a notary and signed the paperwork himself!!can he do that without showing me proper notary certification???


:( File a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office Comsumer Protection Dept :(

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