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They send out a rep and was talked into buying the pool was 12000 dollars and my first born was the cost and 10 pints of blood for the rest of my life are it seems. When the came out was going to cancel the pool but was told if i do would have to still pay 9000 was told I had three days from the day i signed the contract sence my home was in lean for the loan but would still have to pay the 9000 if i cancled looking back dont think it was legal to tell me that I am gong to look into it the pool they tell you dont have to use any chemical what a joke they dont count all the normal chemicals you use as chemicals in the pool If you see a pool world pool rep coming to your house run out the back door and dont stop running they will *** too.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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You should have known when they quoted sooo much for their pools, they were a rip off! They started out wanting 21,000, then continued to drop the price until they reached $11,700.00.

You can buy the same grade above ground pool at a Large Pool Company for under $5,000.00 installed and a warranty. I told the Rep they had lost their mind and also told the salesman over the phone.

Good Luck!!! You could have legally cancelled the lst 3 days without owing them any monies.

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