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On Sunday we had a sales rep come to our house. Gave us all the same sales pitch, how we only need to use a small bottle of bleach once a month and that everything is lifetime warranty and if we get the show room pool we get a discount.

after he talked to his manager they quoted us 12500 for 299 a month we turned it down he called them back and they brought the price down to 9500 with 300$ deposit now and 700$ at time of installation and 250 a month. My husband thought it was a good purchase since we had planned on betting a loan elsewhere to pay it all off. So we signed the contract. I decided against it because I just had a gut feeling it was a bad move.

We tried for 2 days to reach someone...I was put on hold several times transferred from one person to another. When I finally got to talk to someone (after my 3 day grace period) the guy was a straight up ***! He tole me that my information had been put in and that Kevin would contact me when he got the chance and if he hasn't called me back it's because he is too busy and hasn't had the chance too. So I stated I'm sorry your the first person I have talked to and wasn't aware of that.

So he tells me I'm sorry I wasn't aware, Kevin will contact you when he gets the chance! And basically hung up on me. By this time I was livid! So I called back talked to the same rep and he starts yelling at me through the phone.

So I basically yelled back and told him if he didn't get Kevin on the phone I was going to contact the BBB! He finally transferred me over where I talked to Kevin and he told me that there was no problem my pool was cancelled and I'd receive my down payment. After getting off the phone with him my husband called and told me that Kevin called him told him we are out of our 3 days and if we cancel we have to pay 50% of the pool or they would put a lien on our house! I think it's *** that this company is getting away with scamming people out of their money!

I have reported them to the BBB and FTC tomorrow I will contact Nevada, Texas and Georgia attorney general office to file complaints! Has anyone else done this?!

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I have also filed with my state attorney general office as well as GA and NV. I have alos submitted my complaint with the FTC. Watch out BWP.....


Yep i filed with bbb georgia n texas not nevada saw a lawyer today and will see others to see what legal action i can take.

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