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If anyone can help me with this terrible compnay please do!! The installer wil be here tomorrow, aftwr reading all nof this stuff on here I am and NEED to cancel this!!!

ASAP! I need advice and what I can do.. I have a feeling I am being scammed and Im not happy! The represenitives on the phones are rude and liars!

I have been mis informed several times about EVERYTHING! All I wanted was to have a nice pool for my kids and family and now Im reading thy can put a lien on your house( which I was never told) and try and ruin your life basically.

Something has to happen to this company it isn't fair, If you can helpPLEASE, Im open for any suggestions.. Thank you

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I really hope you didnt allow them to install that pool. If so you need to see a lawyer asap.

If not forget em they cant make you pay for something you dont have.

close your accounts that they have on file and open new ones. dispute whatever money you have already paid them with your bank.

Well, I have the pool.... The installers were great but I will NEVER reccommend this company to anyone and i told the people on the phone the same thing! :)

Yes I would like to know too! We recently signed a contract tried to get out of it before our 3 days was up got the run around didn't talk to anyone until today, our 3 days was up yesterday!

I don't want their pool in my yard or anything to do with this company! Even if that means paying 5k to get rid of these lying scamming ***!!


just came across your posting and was wondering how you made out with the situation?

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