Alexandria, Virginia
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I called Bue World Pool for installation they ask me for my information and we provided it to them, They called back today 04-29-30 and said they could not find a Rep in our area.

THANK GOD**** They are a rip off well least I found out the easy way on the Internet I will buy a pool for Lowe's are Walmart Before we make a move like that a 399.00 pool for 30,000 and then they will put a second mortgage on my house


Thanks again.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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They done me the same way. they wouldnt give me info and told me I didnt have to send money on the pool just return the paper they first sent u and there was also no rep for my area due to high volume in my area which is b.s.

cause I live in the country .

What all my neighbors r getting a pool also?

all i wanted was prices on the other pools and they didnt send it they sent a list and then said i didnt send no money order to buy all i wanted was info? :(

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