Bradenton, Florida
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I worked for Blue World in Florida and Louisania for 2 1/2 Months. Kevin Fisher the national Sales Mgr is a true *** and has no reguard for any one that works for him or that his company sells pools to.

Sean Warren the owners son is the guy behind the slick web sites. Seemed like a nice guy but is in on the scam to. They rip off their own salesmen just like they do their customers. A truly predatory type company.

Please do what you can to help put them out of business.

Call your TV, your Attorny Genneral and FTC.

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S-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #22643

The company has contacted my husband and they are working their issues out. :)

New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #22582

My husband was a former employee and he would be glad to talk. Email us if you are a reporter or a whistleblower

Weber City, Virginia, United States #20513

can you someone please contact me I am going thru them installing a pool please contact me or check our and search blue world pools

Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States #14132

This is Andy Pierrotti, an investigative reporter for WSPA-TV in South Carolina. I'm researching a story based on complaints made against the company. Can you please give me a call asap: 864-237-9942

I really need insight from a former employee.


Andy Pierrotti

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