Bids That Give is a SCAM!

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a couple months back I sent in my money order for my wholesale bids etc. when this whole website came out. It took almost 2 months for me to receive my bids after harassing the people on chat who just gave me the complete runaround. this site was supposed to go fully active for months now and ever since Zeke Rewards shut down they keep stringing us along with false promises.

I have a group of pissed off people that have tried to get on chat with these people and get nothing but excuses and runarounds. They don't even have a phone number!!!

A friend of mine said he walked into the employee office at one point and it was EMPTY! just seconds later some bonkhead lady that couldn't speak English chased him down and said he was not allowed to be in the employee area and escorted him to an office on the other side of the building- THAT WAS ALSO EMPTY!. nobody in it, just basically empty space with a bids that give sign in there. I don't trust them. if you're thinking about joining, don't. its a waste of time and money. Randy Jeffers has had 3 companies go bankrupt, and this will be the 4th. don't waste your time.

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9 of 9 Bids That Give reviews
Tired of the Bull

Dec 26, 2013 #764024

Been with BTG from the start and am personally tired of the lies. I have over 20K in pending commissions have 619.00 in I wallet and they will give me none of it and now want to charge the credit card for another 250.00 (Not Happening) Also if you put in a debit card in your back office you cannot delete the information or change it they have it locked in. I understand change need to happen within a company as they grow but this is not change but constant manipulation to control the money and those involved. Think what JR Reed and Randy Jeffers have been saying about needing to get new people into the company so they can pay out commissions. LOOK IT UP THAT THE DEFINITION OF A PONZI SCHEME. I suggest each of you take action and contact the Nevada Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint.

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Joke th

Nov 19, 2013 #744237 Aspen, Colorado, United States

Btg is a big scam took my $25,000 and now my bids, and they owe me money 6 months later nothing , don't trust this lie to help kids, shame on you! BTG shut them down please!

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Nov 16, 2013 #743511

Wish I could post picture on this site. I flew there personally and went through the factory, customer service, shipping, store and met everyone that worked for him. Wrote a $25000 check and have added 2 other $25K checks and received my $6000 commission next day. With out a hitch transfered it to my bank account. You really should research things rather than go off on things that are a lie!

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Apr 22, 2015 #975595

You are the lie. My mom gave them $25,000 and never got paid any of her commissions totaling over $10,000. Not to mention a bunch of the auction items that she won and paid for, but never received. BTG is a very clever scam and I hope Randy burns in H**l for the money he's stolen from good hardworking people like my mom.

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Crooks they are

Nov 11, 2013 #741146 New York, New York, United States

Can you believe it, won several auctions, paid for them, and never received them. BTG is a scam.

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Nov 11, 2013 #741145 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

BTG180 owes me about $5000.00 since July. Have asked and asked. Also won many auctions in Sept and paid for them and have yet to receive them. I call on line chat and they tell me they are very behind. I believed Randy Jeffers who professes to help underprividedged children, but from what I see, this is not so. So sad, can you believe it, you pay for something and they just keep it. Crooks! Also, they take their money out of your ewallet the day it is due. So sad that they are in several countries and there will be many many more people who will be deceived or cheated, in other words, innocent victims. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!

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Nov 09, 2013 #739990 Burlington, North Carolina, United States


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Nov 08, 2013 #739961

People, please do not start business with this scam. Unfortunately I know what I am talking about. Even employees one by one are leaving this horrible company (As general manager Bernie). Nobody will be paid. Hopefully, Randy will lose all that not belongs to him.
Good luck.

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Oct 31, 2013 #735630


This is a message to all you sheeple out there who cannot seem to think for yourselves or are just plain drinking the cool aide. Randy Jeffers is a liar, a cheat and is never going to pay you.

Fact - Jeffers and his gang of bullies are telling you anything to scare you into staying, convince you things are great and that you will get paid. It is all lies. The only people being paid are a select few that they have chosen based on what they consider a futures bet.

Lets look at just a few things...Randy Jeffers just cannot help screwing people, he has done it over and over again. Don’t believe it? Google his name, it doesn’t get much worse.

The compensation plan has been manipulated so many times most of us can’t even recall what the changes all were. The daily numbers are completely made up, backed by nothing that resembles company profits so again a huge lie. Ground zero was promised - changed multiple times, came and gone with no one getting paid. A new plan of action which always includes a new creative way to screw the field happens weekly now and the newest is so rich with “The field is *** and where are they going to go? We have their money, they can’t leave,” that it’s entertaining to the rest of the industry. Kind of like watching a really crazy skit unfold with the characters being the only ones that cannot see the ending.

Thousands of auction items paid for and not shipped
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Nov 01, 2013 #736156

JR is a vicious man, not surprising he has a Thai bar girl as a girlfriend.

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Oct 30, 2013 #735522

I am here on behalf of my twin sister and my brother in law. They don't want to do anything about this because they fear losing more than $150,000 they have invested with this Bids that Give company (now called BTG180).

I will call them Mary & Joseph and they have been with Bids that Give for several months now, they have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in this scam that is run by a man by the name of Randy Jeffers out of Las Vegas, NV. This man is nothing but a crook dressed up in an Armani suit. He is scamming people left and right with this thing called Penny Auction, but if you win something from that Penny Auction it takes months to get your item(s), even though it says ships within 72 hours. I know this because my sister asked me to become her customer.

Another thing, he comes up with these 'fabulous' ideas on how to keep the commissions people earn by doing mandatory re-investment (at 95% or 100%) of your daily commissions; this has been in place for sometime now, close to like 120 days already - can you imagine how much money he is saving by not paying these commissions? Everyone has been forced (FORCED as in the system or program they use sets it) to be at 100% because there is no other choice.

Mary, my sister joined because she loved the idea of helping children in need, since she is unable to have babies. Her and Joseph have dedicated their time and part of their 401(K) to this, for what? They are
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Nov 16, 2013 #743516

$150,000? you are a lier! So what you saying is that they purchased 6-$25,000.00 postions? because the max you can go in at is $25K. either your ***, or a lier. Either way you preach false information. I am one of the founding people and you are right there was a delay but everyone is getting paid. I received my iWallet money. But then again when he rebranded the company, doing the moral thing by saying he is going to pay the back debt, rather than signing everyone off and losing out! Oh doing the right thing in this world, is still not the right thing! People want a free pass.

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Apr 23, 2015 #975597

BTG is a SCAM.
My mom gave them $25,000 and never received any thing in return. She never got paid any of her commissions totaling over $10,000. Not to mention a bunch of the auction items that she won and paid for, but never received. BTG is a very clever scam and I hope Randy burns in H**l for the money he's stolen from good hardworking people like my mom.

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Sep 16, 2013 #717560

I am a BTG affiliate in N.C. I read the comments of folks with complaints. The company has made a number of changes in July and August which needed to be made in order to remain an ongoing entity. Most every new company has to make adjustments to survive, BTG is no exception. My website reflects that I am receiving daily revenue as promised and I just requested some commission funds back from my I-wallet. I am pleased with my upline support and feel that the upside potential benefit of the company out weighs the risk involved at this time. I will post a comment when I receive my requested funds.

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Oct 31, 2013 #735628

Fred. You never posted a comment stating you have been paid and that is because you haven't been paid. BTG has not paid any affiliate for many months. Any affiliate that has been paid recently has only been paid for bringing new people into the ponzi. I feel so sorry for the new sheep being led to their financial slaughter by Randy Jeffers, JR Read, and a few other unscrupulous greedy recruiters. And they do this in the name of God to help orphans.

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Jul 11, 2013 #678649

The only people making money from BTG are the people at the top of the pyramid and the idiots who deposit thousands into their accounts thinking this will BOOST their earning potential. The rest of the folks down below are slaving away like chained horses pulling the carriage, and that's why the carriage is moving along seemingly dandy!

For idiots that put in thousands and thousands: Heck! BTG has to show you some return; otherwise, you'll be screaming and threatening to file lawsuits!

BTG is simply buying time, recruiting and robbing founders from one country to the next. By the time reality hits people in the face -- Randy and his team of highway robbers will be long gone!

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Jun 30, 2013 #672007 Tampa, Florida, United States

I also feel that these people are lying because my husband and I are able to supplement our income with no problems and minimal effort!!! :)

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Sep 16, 2013 #717577 Tampa, Florida, United States

I would love to meet with you and your upline to find out what your secret is. Like many here, I am ALSO waiting to be paid. I am waiting for changes in the back office to complete. I am in Tampa, FL. Let's meet up at a coffee house or restaurant and find these solutions.

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Nov 16, 2013 #743513

Me too! Sad part is people believe the negative over the positive!

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May 16, 2013 #652100

Well, i guess you are just unlucky ... I have been with BTG since day 1, and yes i was skeptical about this company at first, and yes no matter what we do or say about BTG people are always going to compare it with the downfall of Zeek...
But i never had a problem with them, sure took some time to get everything running smoothly, but that's how you avoid errors, gotta make sure things actually work before you get them out.
Only people i see talking about BTG being a scam and what not are those who don't know much about mlm, or just couldn't make it. Not everyone have what it takes to succeed in this market. You must be willing to learn to be able to achieve success. Most people that fail joined thinking they would get rich fast... Yeah ok well good luck with that!

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