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They fixed everything and went out of there way to help us. Job well done.

Updated by user Jul 13, 2019

Best Choice Roofing Address: 3102 Cherry Palm Dr Suite 100 Tampa FL 33619

Original review posted by user Jul 13, 2019

Best Choice Roofing took 4 months to complete a roof project that should have taken only 3 days. They managed to break our soffits and dent our fascia beyond repair.

When they finally put new soffits and fascia, they reinstalled our drip edges but several of them were dented when they changed out the fascia and soffit. When they came back to replace all our dented drip edge they managed to once again dent our new fascia's and again broke our soffit near the front entrance of our door. Their production manager went out of his way recently to fix all the problems with our house and he did a great job. However I had issues with two of the fascia's that were scratched and peeled showing silver spots.

These fascia's are near the entrance way to the front door so very visible to anyone entering the front door. I was told that the two fascia's would be cleaned so I could see if there were any more scratches or peels. This was not done so I could not see the extent of the damage. So from looking at it without it being cleaned I thought everything was 100% done.

However after two days of rain the fascia was clean and I saw some more scratches and silver spots that I did not see earlier. The production manager told me he would also touch all this up. The issue is there will be so much touch up paint now that I asked for the two fascia's to be changed due to it being tacky which he told me that can't be done since I signed the work order that everything was done 100%. However the two fascia's were never fully clean like the production manager told me would be done so I never could clearly see the full extent of the surface damage before signing the work order.

Had it been cleaned like I was told I could have acted on getting the fascia changed due to the extent of the surface damage. I have posted the pictures of the two new (yes new) fascia's here so everyone can see. You be the judge and review the posted pictures up close and you be the judge if these look like new fascia's. It is incredibly sad.

It seems Best Choice Roofing does not want to replace out these two new fascia's because they would have to get another work order and it would cost them. It’s not either of our fault but in the best interest of the customer and to make him/her happy they should have gone ahead and rectified this. Since it appears I will have to go through another company just to replace these two fascia’s and spend additional $$$ on top of the almost $12,000 my insurance company and I paid Best Choice Roofing, in my final review I have to give this company a mere 1 star across the board. They went out of their way to fix everything they did wrong which I appreciate.

However in the end if you take a look at the pictures of the two fascia's I posted, you would agree that it should be replaced due to the extent of the damage and simply using touch up paint will make it even look more tacky. Some of those pictures already have touch up so you can see for yourself.

Its so messed up when you look at the pictures that I posted. It is terrible customer service when a company is worried more about the cost of the work order then making there customer fully satisfied.

Reason of review: Two New Fascia scratched and damaged by company.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Simple. Put two new unscratched and unpeeled fascia in place of the two damaged, scratched and peeled fascias.

Best Choice Roofing Com Pros: Did there best to fix there mistakes.

Best Choice Roofing Com Cons: Didnt finish the job.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Never go with this company! They have no idea of how to install a roof.

They have children working on the roof and use elmers glue to fix mistakes made in stucco. This is the worst choice as you can see by this review.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1851565

You legit have no idea what you are talking about. I worked for this company and everyone working there is approved through dept of labor and goes through screening.

They are a preferred platinum roofer and use Owens Corning products. I'm guessing you work for a competing roofer. They will bend over backwards to help people out and are constantly rated among tops in the industry. Its always funny to me when people make frivolous claims against these folks.

They didn't get that big from playing around.

If they mess something up--they fix it. Try again.

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