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I just want others to know that Berkeley Ergonomics coil mattresses contain a LOT of synthetic Polypropylene and the exterior mattress covers are NOT "organic covers" in case the sales people 'forget' to mention it. The Polypropylene covers ALL the coils in the mattress so it is not a small amount.

Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are not "organic mattresses" either.

I am bringing this information to the attention of others because I was mislead and want to help others avoid being mislead too. I was told the mattress was "all organic", "made with all natural materials" and now I see this was untrue.

I also don't care for the mattress in terms of comfort and durability. Here are a few reason why;

1. Its HOT!!! I think this is due to the VERY THICK quilted top and all the wool. It is especially irritating because I was specifically told it would NOT be hot (by the sales guy).

2. It is not durable. There is no way I could let a child jump up and down on it, like we did when we were kids, because it is far to fragile. Just 2" of latex laying loosely over coils, without any 'tension' in the layers does not seem durable to me.

3. The quilted top matted down very quickly. There is no foam within the quilting so when it mats down, thats it.

4. For some reason the sides sag. It seems like it needs another layer of latex, like it was made too big, but I don't know.

5. It is 'mush' and loosly-goosy. I think this is because there is no 'tension' in the layers that usually give a mattress its strength and durability.

6. When I sit on the edge I sink. Try it, you'll sink too.

7. The very thick quilted cover TOTALLY diminishes the feel of latex. Besides it being HOT, this inability to 'feel' the sensation of the bouncy, rubbery feel of the latex, is something that bothers me greatly. All I feel is 'mush'.

I hate this mattress and I will never buy a mattress that contains WOOL so close to the body and that has a VERY thick quilted top (that is absent foam) again. Its like laying on a thick sweater. Yuck.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This is not a real consumer complaint but one of 84 fake reviews made by a paid troll over the last two years. The same or very similar fake postings have appeared on numerous review platforms, a special website, blog and facebook pages.

It started in late 2014 when a person pretending to be a consumer sent us anonymous letters, reported us to the FTC for misleading marketing claims and harassed our dealers with fake phone calls and emails.

After the FTC inspector got suspicious and asked for proof that they were indeed a consumer, they suddenly went away until resuming their campaign in April 2016.

Fake reviews do a disservice to consumers who want to learn from other consumer’s real experiences. We strive to operate a business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics, integrity and fairness. It appears that not all our competitors are inspired by the same values.

Please visit our website for information http://www.berkeleyergo.com or find a dealer who will be happy to answer any of your questions here: http://www.berkeleyergo.com/stores/.


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But is it true?

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