Nothing happened with this breeder. I hope to keep it that way.

I have always been interested in purchasing a Great Dane. I have always liked the look of the beefcake Great Dane puppies. Now that I am ready to purchase one I was just reaching out to everyone to see if anyone has experience purchasing a puppy from beefcake great dane's in Abilene Texas?

I was wondering if the animals are well socialized when you receive them, if they are healthy puppies when you receive them, if you get information about the parents of the puppies, why they request you paying in full for the puppies at 5 weeks of age instead of 8 weeks of age, are these animals with the breeder or they in kennels outside of the home. Do you feel they are a reputable breeder?

Location: Naples, Florida

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I hope you didn’t buy one.. I had a extremely bad experience as well as found out they lie about everything. Such a scam.


Look on FB there is lost about them in my group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/141293****168482/


Thank you for your post. I still have not purchased a puppy.

I just saw on television where three great Danes have died in Abilene Texas that is where The breeder is located. NOT to say the two are related. I am curious as to what the breeder lied about?

If you would please post that I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly


I did meet the breeder and a 9month old pup I was considering. I traveled over 10hrs to see first hand.

The pup was beautiful. Her head shape, paws, and body size were proportional. She was sweet and in no way aggressive. I chose to wait for the next litter because she was a little attached to the breeder and I felt it would be better for my children if we started at a better bonding age.

I felt comfortable enough with breeder to give him deposit on the spot. I've had 2 previous experiences with dane breeders that did not work out so I gladly made the trip to see myself.