Beau Mason Transitions - Beau Mason's Transitions is now CrossRoads due to a DEATH.....

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Well this is a true and sad addition to the Beau Mason Saga.Approximately 4 wks ago a patient died at TRANSITIONS.

I have now confirmed the story with another patient, who is bi-lingual who was at the so-called facility for the same treatment session. He understood the "helpers" calling out "he's not breathing" in Spanish, he had been neglected and was not even checked to see if he was a fit candidate to be an Ibogaine patient. There was no life saving equipment, not even oxygen the man told me. They tried CPR but the man was dead.

No EMT or Ambulance was called but instead the man's body was put in a car and taken to hospitals where no one would accept a dead body, so eventually the body was taken to a funeral home, some sort of illegal autopsy was performed and the family was called. Sadly they were unaware of their family member even going to Mexico let alone what Ibogaine was. They read my posting and called to get info on Beau Mason and Transitions. This is the second death at Transitions in 9 months and the house moved a few houses down but it is still Rosarito Beach in the same "gated commuity".

Now if you see online CrossRoads is really Transitions and a Dr.Martin is running the facility and Beau is taking his name off the business...He is still fully involved, after all who can walk away from $100 grand a month just because a couple of people died, right? Do not be fooled it is the same scary scenario, just no Isaac, he got fired, this new doc has been let go from other facilities, he's been in the Ibogaine game a long time, he has had deaths under his care and patient molestation and neglect.

Stay safe and due your due diligence if you are seeking Ibogaine Treatment, stay away from CROSSROADS!!!!Jackie 516-510-1503

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Jan 29 #1102746

I sincerelly aprettiate your concern
But i have been working for Dr Martin since July 2015 at CrossRoads
And this facility has state of the art emergency resussitacion &
Mi prior job was EMT/FireFighter
In California, 10 years in the EMS system Los Angeles County San Diego County I would not recomend to mi fellow americans CrossRoads If i was not 100% Certain that this Clinic is Elite, Yes Sir ELITE! :)

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Feb 08, 2015 #942742 Los Angeles, California, United States

Can someone that has done Ibogaine at Crossroads or a legitimate center talk to me? It's so confusing...there are so many bad reviews and good reviews you don't know who to trust. Is it the competition posting bogus reviews? Can anyone help me? If so, please email me at I'm dying and I'm desperate. Thank you

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Tom TF

Jan 24, 2015 #935516

Crossroads Reviews Ibogaine Program
Dr Martin Polanco Almost killed a trail study patient,
bad Reputation and kept going horrible and dangerous man.
He is the worst ibogaine provider in history
So sad he is only out for greed, and he is a shill and does not care about human life just money.

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Jenny SG

Jan 24, 2015 #935514 San Jose, California, United States

This is all ***, Martin Polanco is a scammer goes after desperate drug addicts and has killed many patients during ibogaine since 2003. If you are foolish enough to his clinic you deserve to get whats coming to you. He has verified 7 deaths but yet he walks free..........
Google Martin Polanco Deaths

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Sammy AK

Jan 20, 2015 #933850 Dallas, Texas, United States

Crossroads owner Martin polanco is a wanted man........ he is the original ibogaine provider with the most deaths.
Dr Martin Polanco is responsible for 5 deaths since 2002, he disappeared in 2009 when the mexican government went after him for the deaths. but now he has since reappeared. After he opened up transitions he had more deaths and went on the run again. but instead he changed locations an dthe name of the ibogaine clinic. Now he is hidden his clinic somewhere and opened a clinic in Tijuana. He also sells body parts or an organ donors company out of mexico, you can find his youtube video on CNN. google martin polanco cnn.
do not do ibogaine in mexico or you to will be sold on the black market.

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Sep 02, 2014 #864350

What I learned here at crossroads ibogaine treatment center is something I will never forget. As I return to my normal life I will use the coping skills I've learned hear and I have really really learn to respect people in a different way . Looking at life in a linear way does us no good especially the society we live in in the culture we tried to reach for. As for the personal experience for the treatment it was definitely 1 of the most unreal and improbable emotions of my lifetime. I only have the staff to thank for the support they gave and for the things they taught me. Everyone at the house is always so nice and giving doctor Gomez actually could read my mind knowing if I felt better if I felt worse . Annie was the absolute root to my existence while I was here. Heidi was always there to make sure that I was fed well, any other staff was always so comforting and passionate I felt like I was in a home away from home. As far as the actual Ibogaine experience it was like I said a trip into the existential, the next day was extremely tough and I thought perhaps I've made a mistake doctor Gomez calmed me down Sandra was there always to take care of me and as the hours ticked by I realized that this was the exact right treatments for myself and for my addiction. For 8 years I've reached for a needle just to get through the day. Now this wonderful team is giving me already a week sober that is something that I never even dream possible a month ago .In closing I would like to... Show more

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Aug 26, 2014 #861532

“I am so glad that I chose this facility for treatment. The doctors were amazing, food was good, the experience on ibogaine was scary, but the next day I thought about it and realized that was exactly what I needed to make sure I never come back. I will miss every one. You are the best!

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Aug 24, 2014 #861042

Wow, just wow,
“Today is day 4 and feel amazing. No experience can compare to my last week. I was a heroin addict with a $1000 a day habit. And just as promised I woke up the nex day after treatment with no withdrawals. The ibogaine spirit is a powerful force and I feel reborn. Thank you thank you. If you are reading this before treatment, just relax and trust the process. The staff here are amazing and have treated me like family. Dr. Martin, Anny, Luis, Heidi, Dr. Gomez, Gilberto and my lovely, beautiful Sandra. I will remember and be grateful to you all forever. Much love and respect to you all. Thank you ibogaine spirit. I am reborn. “

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Aug 23, 2014 #860359

“Much respect to the staff and Dr. Martin. This was the second time I have come down for the ibogaine experience, and I got the answer I have been looking for the past 12 years of heroin/opiate dependency after multiple treatment centers and multiple attempts to get clean. I can say that ibogaine is the way to come alive again and actually be available to others. I really believe that it takes a serious hardcore addict to come and do ibogaine – and in the process of the ibogaine treatment, I am alive again. That’s the best way I can describe it. I came here with my bro from high school that started using with me, and we were able to get our lives back.
Again, much love and respect Dr. Martin and staff.

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Tylor VT

Aug 20, 2014 #859053

Trust that happens. These people know what they are doing. They really make you feel at home. The experience is unlike any other trip you will ever have in your life. The hospital is nice, the facility is nice. Enjoy your time here and just be. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Eat and drink and you will heal faster.
Thank you all so much, I have a real start on life.
-Tylor, VT

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Aug 19, 2014 #858545

“IBOGAINE! Get the experience. Buy the ticket and take the ride, let the iboga spirit take you where you need to go! And it works! But when you wake up in the morning you are going to be stuck in limbo where your brain is just mush. It is *** that whole day, you are out of it but id rather go through one day of that and not weeks of withdrawal, so its worth it. The next day, you feel like a new person. Then to really cap it off you try the toad medicine which is amazing. Trust Anny, she is the best. I just would like to say thank you Crossroads for the once in a lifetime experience. The whole staff was amazing, I feel so blessed to have had this. I also want to thank Tyson. He is one cool dude. Try to spend some time with him if you can. He will help you with anything you need. The main thing is let go of the past and try to focus on the future. And trust me, no withdrawals, it really works. Thank you Crossroads so much.
Thank you Sandra, she is the one at the clinic that gi es you the ibogaine. She set the mood for the trip and it was perfect. Feel free to give me a call and I will talk you through it better. Keep in touch!”

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Aug 13, 2014 #855822

“This was my first time seeking help for my addiction. Crossroads was amazing from start to finish. At first, I remember that I wanted to go home, but by the end, I did not want to leave. The staff treats you as familia. Amigos for life.
I have never been treated by such nice people in my life. Genuinely nice too. The good was great and the smoothies were off the hook. Ill miss you guys! “

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Aug 11, 2014 #855220

“This was the best experience ever! Everybody is so nice, they are angels from heaven! God bless you all. I love you Sandra! Will always have a special place in my heart”

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Jul 29, 2014 #847644

“This was by far the best experience of treatment I’ve had, from the minute I walked in the door the staff made me feel so comfortable and at home. I’ve never been catered to and treated like such royalty. Sandra, Luis, Gilberto, Heidi, Claudia I give a special thanks to but also the rest of the staff was great. I cant even explain how awesome everything was so ill leave it at that. Thank you everyone. “

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Jul 21, 2014 #843974

“When I came to Crossroads I was terrified of what I was getting into. The second Marco picked me up and then I met the staff, my anxieties were relieved.
Physically, I was dead. That’s the only way to describe my entire mindset, physically and mentally. Today, I am alive in a way I have never been. Life is beautiful again, and I have the staff at Crossroads and iboga to hanks for that.”

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William AK

Jul 17, 2014 #841766

Ibogaine!!! What an experience this has been. I have quit opiates on my own many times and never was I healed. Time after time I relapsed because there was no foundation and I was all alone with all this anxiety that I never even knew I had until now. These people are all on your side. They will do anything to make you as comfortable as you can possibly be. Just be honest with them and they will do anything in their power to help.
The food is amazing, the view is amazing and every single one of the people here are such wonderful amazing spirits from the doctors down to the helpers. It really makes the experience so wonderful. Don’t be scared or afraid, just trust in this process.
Thank you all so much. So much love.

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Nicole AK

Jul 16, 2014 #841291

My time at crossroads started with me feeling very anxious, worried about what was to come, if these people knew what they were doing, if they could truly accommodate my needs and deliver on what was promised. I was reluctant to surrender to the staff and let them take over, but once I did, I knew I was going to be okay.
The staff never let me feel alone or that my concerns weren't important. They always had smiles on their faces, and offered sincere & genuine care at any sign of my discomfort. Once the Ibogaine was administered, I went into a restless state, but the doctors and nurses stayed up all night long to be a help to us and made the experience more at ease. The days after were a little rough, but that is expected for everyone. It takes a little while to get back to 100%. I felt a small amount of residual withdrawals afterward, but those soon went away with the boosters we were given. Now I feel completely normal. Completely free from the ball and chain that addiction and drug abuse had been in my life for seven years. All of the lost opportunities, time and money I'll never get back is behind me, and now endless possibilities for a positive future lie before me.
I can't express enough how grateful I am for this experience. The facility is beautiful. The food is amazing. The care is so thorough and attentive, so understanding and kind. Heidi makes the best smoothies, and has such a generously kind and caring aura that puts you at ease. Luis never let me
... Show more

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Jul 02, 2014 #834758

"After knowing about ibogaine for a few years, i finally decided to stop trying to control my addiction to oxycodone when i learned from a friend that he was "grossed out by the thought of snorting pills 6 months post ibogaine treatment,
I am so grateful i was steered towards Crossroads when i wanted to save a few bucks by going elsewhere. I finally, after 38 years believe that i am perfect and divine just how i am - *Thank you toad medicine".
The whole staff was exceptional and professional. Anny in particular will always hold a special place in my heart as my angel in Rosarito. Dr. Martin Polanco, you are a pioneer in a marvelous work and ill do what i can to help this work progress.
Muchisimas gracias por todo y los quiero mucho."
*** carino,

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Jun 27, 2014 #832718

After years of watching my boys struggle with their addiction to opiates, countless treatments, detox, methadone and suboxone they were never able to break free from the addiction. They would be detoxed from the drug but never were able to shed the demons in their brain which continued to rule their world causing them to make bad choices and remain un-healthy. The ibogaine treatment although intense finally helped them shed their demons and they came away from this experience with a renewed sense of self and confidence I haven't seen in a long time. They have a bright light encouraging them to remain healthy with no signs of the demons!
Everyone at the Crossroads treatment were wonderful, staying with my boys each step of the way, coaching them through the experience. I have only praise for Dr Martin Polanco, Anny and the staff at Crossroads, they are truly wonderful!! A heartfelt thank you for giving me my boys back!!

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Jun 25, 2014 #831716

“I have to admit, when I just got into the car with a stranger and headed into Tijuana for testing, I had second thoughts. Then I met the cardiologist and I was given some medication to relax. Then off to the Crossroads center and when we arrived I completely felt at ease. Everyone was wonderful and the facilitator, Anny, made the pre-ibogaine schedule and post-ibogaine routine the best I believe it could be. I would recommend this treatment to any one. They saved my life.
Love, Diane

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