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Elizabeth Muelhaupt, Bruce Spurlock and Dallas Crawley formed a company called BDL Solutions in August of 2010 when their Mortgage operation Discount Mortgage Relief collapsed. The company was a debt relief company and they bilked thousands of consumers out of thousands of dollars. Bruce Spurlock and Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt used the money to defend themselves from Arizona AG and other States. Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt lives at 12185 E Arabian Park Drive, Scottsdale AZ if you were ripped off write her a letter. There is even more. John and Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt got divorced because Libby is a drunk she even went through a court ordered alcohol evaluation and that is the conclusion the evaluator came to.



After the divorce, things with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt have gotten progressively worse. Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter our eight year old daughter, apparently has been molested by Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's live-in boyfriend, Paul Piermarini Piermarini. Paul Piermarini has a long criminal record and is a self confessed rock cocaine addict. He has been a family friend for more than five years. He and Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt have been involved since January of this 2011 and he officially moved into the house in May of this 2011.


Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter told her mother about the molestation back in early August in front of her sister and her brother. The nanny was informed also. Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt told the children that she had contacted Cathy Rosick (who has been the child therapist for both Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughters since October of 2010) and that Cathy was "taking care of it".


John found out about all of this, from his oldest daughter who was living with her stepmother Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt. John immediately contacted Cathy, she told John that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt had never spoken to her about Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter's allegations of molestation by Paul Piermarini.


In fact during Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter's therapy session on October 18th, Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter told Cathy that she been molested by Paul Piermarini. Cathy immediately contacted the Scottsdale Police Department, and a Scottsdale police detective contacted Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt a week later.

As John mentioned Paul Piermarini has a long criminal record, he has two outstanding warrants against him, and most recently served 30 days in jail when he was picked up on one of the out of State Warrants, this occurred just this last August. The State of MA failed to extradite him on the Warrant, as a result, after serving 30 days Paul Piermarini was released and moved back into the house with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt and the children. While Paul Piermarini was in jail he made more than 290 collect calls from Maricopa County Jail to Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt.


Paul Piermarini is a self-confessed rock cocaine addict. At the end of August Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt discovered that Paul Piermarini had stolen more than $20,000 from her, and kicked him out of the house, but he was allowed to move back in a few days later.

According to Paul Piermarini he would leave Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's house late at night purchase crack cocaine go back to the house get high, Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt did not care  because she would be drunk sitting at the computer.


Both Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt and the nanny Melanie Mattina were aware of Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter's allegations regarding Paul Piermarini's molestation of Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter since the beginning of August, however they elected not to do anything about it. In fact Melanie apparently told Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt that as the Nanny she was obligated to report it. Unfortunately Melanie is six months pregnant with an eight year old son and needs the paycheck and health insurance Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt provides for her. Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt apparently threatened her with instant dismissal and no severance.

After Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt found out about the molestation from her daughter in August of 2011, she kicked Paul Piermarini out of the house but he moved back less than a week later.

John took custody of Jacqueline on November 1st 2012. Paul Piermarini called John and said that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's alcohol abuse had worsened and Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt had told him that she wanted Jacqueline to live with John. Over the past year there many occasions when Jacqueline was misbehaving that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt would call John in front of Jacqueline and state that she wanted Jacqueline to live with John unless Jacqueline modified her behavior.


At lunch John's oldest daughter told her father John about Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter's allegations, because it was bothering her. John's daughter was visibly upset and she even described in great detail what Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter (her sister) had said had occurred with Paul Piermarini, she had to stop because she was crying.


John immediately called Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughters therapist Cathy Rosick, Cathy informed John that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt had never contacted her regarding this. Cathy learned of the molestation from Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter during a therapy session with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter on October 18th. Cathy immediately called Scottsdale Police department and filed a report. Cathy also said that in the many sessions that occurred since August, when Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt dropped the girls off for therapy not once did Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt bring up that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter had alleged that Paul Piermarini was molesting her. Cathy in fact had many one on one meetings with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt, to discuss the girls' therapy progress and not once did Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt bring up the issue of molestation.


 Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter's allegations of molestation, only came up during Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter's therapy sessions on October 18th. As result of Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter's allegations Cathy immediately contacted Scottsdale police department. Essentially Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt had known about this since early August and chose to do nothing about it, even though the children were having weekly therapy sessions with Cathy.


After speaking with Cathy in November of 2011, John then called Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt and spoke with her regarding Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter's allegations. Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt admitted to Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter telling her about the molestation in August, but she did not tell John that SPD had been in contact with regarding this. However she chose to do nothing about it and Paul Piermarini continued to live at the house. It was not until in September of 2011, when Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt discovered that Paul Piermarini had stolen more than $20,000 from her did she kick him out of the house, but Paul Piermarini was then allowed to move back in less than ten days later. However, she did nothing to report Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter's allegations, neither did she contact Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter's child therapist.


In speaking with Cathy, Cathy believes that these allegations might be real and as a result she contacted Scottsdale Police Department.


John met with Cathy and she told John that the molestation according to Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's daughter also involved not only her but our three year old daughter daughter also.


Paul Piermarini and John believe it or not, were best friends, over the years of knowing him, John understood that people make mistakes and he was trying to stay clean. Paul Piermarini did a lot of work at the house and his company offices and construction and remodeling. He was over our house for many weekends, Sunday brunches, dinners, Thanksgivings and Christmases. John never left him alone with the kids.


After the divorce, Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt relied on Paul Piermarini helping her with the kids more and more. Until literally he was there all of the time, looking after the kids when the Nanny left, going to the store, even babysitting the kids and eventually he ended up staying the night. He felt badly for the kids because their mother once drunk, was incapable of looking after them.

According to Paul Piermarini Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt's drinking has gotten worse. And he was there more than anything to help her out with the kids so that she could sleep until noon, he would get the kids up early in the morning, breakfast, ready for school, Paul Piermarini is now open about the true nature of the relationship that he and Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt had. He has been very clear about the fact that he was only there for the money so that he could buy his drugs and very often he got high in the house while Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt was getting drunk while the kids were there.


Eventually their relationship progressed from just friends to something more. He said that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt did not care about his drug use and drug addiction, in fact there were many occasions when Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt would drink and use crack cocaine with him, and that they would often *** while getting high. As long as he was there to help care for the kids while she was drinking and sleeping.


In fact when Paul Piermarini had stolen money from his brother (Dominic Piermarini) to purchase drugs, in May of this 2011, John told Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt about it and she did not care. She just told John to mind his own business.


Paul Piermarini of course, is denying the allegations of molestation, he is trying to stay clean, and is determined not to lie and tell the truth and be honest regarding his relationship with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt. As result he's being very open to John regarding his relationship with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt, her drinking and his and her drug use and sexual relationship during their time together. They even went together to meet Paul's drug connection Jamaica to buy crack cocaine. During a court hearing in May 2012, Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt admitted to Jamaica coming by the her house in Scottsdale.


When the Scottsdale Police Detective contacted Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt regarding Cathy Rosick's report, Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt told Paul Piermarini that Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter had reported the molestation allegations to the therapist, Paul Piermarini moved out of the house, and he immediately left town and went to Boston Massachusetts, within days of the Detective contacting Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt.


Paul Piermarini and John remained in constant contact during the last year, talking to four to five times a day, John even paid him to help Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt with the kids, at that time, he portrayed his relationship during the past year as that of family friend, brother and sister with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt, and was purportedly working with Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt toward reconciliation and counseling with John.


Since the allegations of molestation Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt has been in constant contact with Paul Piermarini, concerned about his reaction and what John might do. She has been threatening Paul Piermarini with criminal prosecution for stealing the money, if he reveals anything to anyone regarding what happened in the family home during their time together. However, as part of his rehabilitation of staying clean of drugs, Paul Piermarini is determined to tell the truth and be honest with everyone around him.


When Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt learned that John had found out about Libby Elizabeth Muelhaupt daughter being molested, she immediately contacted her lawyer Jami Wilenchik and is now lawyered up.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #748353
You can find John COMMON,KHAVARI,CHAPMON at BS West. It is a night club in Scottsdale.

"Twinkle Toes" uses the names of the men he beds, it is much easier to assume their identity than convincing women to sign contracts and open bank accounts in their names."Twinkle Toes" is now chasing men because most women will not fall for his games of using their credit and opening bank account that he controls.
Libby Muelhaupt wins Internet Liable suit against John "Twinkle Toes" Common. Proves in court John Common is a liar!

June 19, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt (acknowledging she will never see the money) won $500,000 in damages stemming from an internet liable case against her ex-husband, John "Twinkle Toes" Common, as John Common is known, opened multiple web sites in Libby Muelhaupt's name to liable her. Including the comments he wrote on pissedoffconsumer.com were all PROVEN LIES. Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies and intended to defame and damage his 4th ex-wife. An arrest warrant (the second one in 2 months) was issued for John Common. John Common cowardly fled the state of Arizona and is now living in New York.

August 9, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt wins another case against John Common AKA "Twinkle Toes". John A. Common was not available for comment. Bounty hunters are now searching for John "Twinkle Toes" Common to bring him across state lines all the way back to Arizona where he will face criminal charges for contempt, uttering false checks, failing to pay child support, fleeing, and endangering a minor.

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