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The only reason they even received a 3 star in any part of this review was that after seeing their website I researched prices and they were comparable to other companies in the area. After that fact there was nothing about this experience that was good.

The contract stated 1.5" of spray foam on the walls and 1" on the ceiling of our 20' storage trailer. The salesman was informed that the foam needed to be level with the studs. The first day the crew came out they spent hours sleeping in their truck due to either a break down of equipment or having the wrong materials for the job. Okay that happens.

After the boss came out to get them going they did a quick spray and left us with a horribly over-sprayed container. We called the company to let them know this was an unfinished job and asked them to send the owner or a manager out to take a look and were told they were told the job was completed. Also, there was no one in management available to come out so could we send them some pictures. We sent the pictures and they agreed to send another crew out to "fix" the job.

We called again to ask them to please send a manager. Someone needed to see how bad this job was botched. 3 or more inches of foam hanging from the ceiling and the walls went anywhere from bare metal to well beyond the studs on which we needed to be able to screw material on for the walls. The "fix-it" crew came out 2 days after the first and after trying to cut the now solid foam with a rotary tool and a knife became disgusted and the lead (John) commented that they didn't have what they needed to fix this.

Not even the right foam to fill in the blank spaces left by the original crew, as my husband found out when he asked them if they were going to be able to spray over the old stuff. They told him they had roofing foam and it wouldn't work. After doing some clean-up and realizing they didn't have the right tools for the job they, along with my husband, started talking about leaving. One of the guys said that it didn't make sense to scrape any longer if they had to come back again.

At this time my husband said he believed they were "beating a dead horse". The crew didn't have what they needed (now for the second time) and they were completely unprepared. Again we called the company and asked them to send someone out to take a look and again we were informed that no one was available to do so. What??

We told them from the start that we were on a time crunch with this project and now we have a trailer that we cannot even use due to the horrible over spray and no way to remove it. We have since had to purchase another (already insulated) trailer, putting us way behind schedule and the company is coming after us for payment which is less than half of what the new trailer has cost us and they are lying about the facts of what happened on the job and threatening to take us to court.

User's recommendation: Stay away from this company. I have never had a worse experience with a contractor. The workers cover their butts and management doesn't seem to care about the customer at all.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

Preferred solution: I would like for them leave us alone. They would not send the owner or a manager out to see for themselves and now we are out of time. They have cost us time and money (for a new trailer) yet they are harassing us..

Barrier Insulation and Energy Pros: Military discount.

Barrier Insulation and Energy Cons: Crew showed up unprepared twice, Horrible application, Unable to complete the job or fix the problem, Management unavailable to check work, Crew and management fabricate events.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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