As an agent since 1987, I have never worked with such lazy loan processors in my life. A file that was sent in the 1st week of June was not looked at till July 21st with a July 29th closing date.

A loan that was to close did not get figures till after the closing was to start by 1 hr. Leaving the buyer with a guess of how much to bring.

A loan was marked as cancelled by clients request when it was not cancelled and almost cost the buyer his house, with loss of deposit.

An appraisal came in low, they did it on Zillow using mobil homes when there were 7 comps in the same sub.

And, nobody at BoA cares. Countrywide, you have done it again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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i too have had loan modification trial and missed a payment and started to foreclose on my home and demands that i owe them a 30,0000 dollars and they want now and all the time i was checking on my modify they kept telling me everything was fine not true they are all liars and they are trained well in what they due rip homeowners off


the worst home loan company ever. they tell

me i was 1 month behind that turned into 3

months behind,i paid them 1400.00 they told

me i still owed them 800.00. now they say i

am 3 months behind again. every time i make a

payment i get more and more behind, now i am

getting forclosure notices every week.

they are ripp off and they suck.


We received a foreclosure notice from BOA, so we called to find out why. They said that because we filed for bankruptcy, they took 4 months of payments and pocketed them, saying it was to hold our mortgage.

Now they want us to pay the 4 months again cause now we are in default. I called them again to hear them say that we missed those months.

We never missed a payment. They took 5,393.35 and made it disappear, and want us to pay another 5,393.35 in a week or they will foreclose, which they already started.I hope they all burn in h!!!


I also have bank of america. Since they took over my loan it has been a nightmare.

I have a fixed mortgage, but my mortgage payment has gone up about a $100 every year. They never have an explanation of why. I am an accountant, So when I point out that the amount is wrong , they give me the run around. About 6 mos ago they offered us a loan modification, even though we haven't been late.

We took it, WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! The agents are rude and sarcastic.

We supposedly have an agreement. And when I called they said it takes another 90 for the account to update.


This concerns me,because BAC Loans have just took over my morgage a month after i purchased my home.is there a time limit on changing morgage companies.Sense i have only owned this house for 2 months.


Do you have proof that BofA used Zillow as a gauge for their appraisal? If you do please contact Zillow. I spoke with someone at Zillow and he claims this is illegal and states that Zillow would like to know if this is truly happening.


They misplaced mu august payment and I refuse to pay it twice (it is now janurary) I have proof that it was paid that month and every month since. They are now sending me notices saying that I am five months deliquent.

Again, I have proof from the bank that I have paid every month. I can't refinance because they have destroyed my credit.


Bank of america is a joke and a lier

i wish my mortgage was not with them.you cant get them to do anything right.i believe all people should think twice before using them.i rate Bank Of America


Lucas attorney


This is the most sloppy run if you want to call it a bank I have ever dealt with!!!!

It should be named the BANK OF ***!


I work for BAC Homeloans they LIE to customers! watchout if they say you are under review for Modification! Equity in your Home they will foreclose FAST!

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