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Bank of america does excessive overdraft fees. Than they clear item then when they fill like it the can unclear item causing overdraft fees.

We had 1000 in bank. My husband deposit money at 10:30 additional 800. I paid bills then the item that was said to clear earilier that day uncleared saying the the 800 that was posted on friday will be posted on tuesday.. They charge me 35 x4 I complain only getting back 70.

plus the return item that will be charge by company 35 and reconnect fee. Which without the 800 after I paid bill still 400 was showing

Monetary Loss: $210.

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i also overdrew my account by 44 cents. then i went on vaccation and didnt realize it.

boa charged me 35 $ overdraft fee and 5 days later another "extended overdraft fee". i got back a week later but the damage was already done. so i complained but all they said was sorry we can not refund these fees at this point. i never opted in for overdraft protection and also never had a negative balance on this account before.

something should be done about this kind of robbery!

70 $ for 44 cents is almost 16000%!!! :(


BofA, The wrost in customer service. I don't know why people even bank with them.

Cary, North Carolina, United States #229603

Why are so many people asking for the government to step in? If you think more government regulation of banks will help, the banks will just use another avenue to get more revenue from customers.

Dollars speak louder than complaints. Take your money to a bank that cares and that'll get B of A's attention a lot quicker than complaints that don't touch their bottom line.


For all who are tired of being messed over by BoA, tally up all of the NSF fees that you have been charged. Next, go to your local court house and file a suite in small claims court, it will cost you about $50 or so.

BoA will end up refunding the money because no court will stand behind them, and also, it will cost them more money if they go to court. If we can all band together and do this, they will catch on and maybe we can save someone else the trouble they have caused us.


Here is a new one! Partly my fault but as you will see they are devious.

I tried to close a checking account due to possible identity theft. My funds were transfered to a new checking account. A sears transaction snuck through to the old account, so I accept an overdraft fee. But guess what?

I had no idea it snuck through as Sears told me it may go to my new account info I had given them. I would glance from time to time at my overall accounts. My old account said $0.00 available. But what BofA would not show is that I was overdrawn on this account.

I in fact had a negative account, but would not know otherwise. I called to complain but was told I should have received an email to alert. Never got it. Or snail mail.

Hasn't come yet. So in five days I was charged another $35 overdraft fee for not paying the first within five days. I would have never know any of this because again, the account still said $0 available. This is technically true since I have no funds available, but you are led to believe you did not in fact overdraw and therefore less of an opportunity to correct anything overdrawn.

Evil:) So i owe two overdraft fees. Customers continue to believe a bank is geared towards them but in fact most big banks are geared towards bottom line revenue. I'm about ready to withdraw it all and go to a smaller community credit union!!!

bye bofa! the only reason I went to BofA is the ATM opportunities.


Bank of America routinely charges NSF charges because the way the process purchases. They will hold all purchases until the end of the business day regardless of the actual order the purchases where made. They will process the highest amount first down to the smallest. So if something happens where a large payment comes in they will then bounce all the payments made by a debit card earlier that day or if it's a Monday, over charges made over the weekend, even though they cleared when you made the purchase. Then they will proceed to tack on $35.00 for all the little charges that should have cleared.

Then if you are overdrawn for 5 consecutive days they will add on another $35.00 for having an overdrawn account that THEY caused!

Then if you are unable to get the account caught up after a period of time they will close your account and report it to check systems so you can't open another bank account up anywhere else.

These people are crooks. They run their company into the ground, abuse and steal from the customers and then get bailed out by the government. Something has to be done. If there is a lawsuit brought against them I will gladly be part of it. Keybank has just been brought into a lawsuit for doing very similar practices to their customers.


BOA is full of it! I heard that in October 2009 that they were suppose to be getting rid of the extended overdraft fees because so many ppl are complaining about them stealing money.

Well, it didn't stop and I want to know what the *** is the government going to do about it.

They got me for more than $800 last year for small overdrafts of less than $2. This bank sucks and I want to be included in on any lawsuits that come up.


Guys we need to join to complain about unfear treatment from bank of america. My name Jaime Flores ,cell phone 561 414-1012 my e-mail I hope the goverment listen our complain.

I really has one overdraf but the second overdaft is because when I when to the atm I got my balance it was 75 but they are so unfair that some transsaction they delay to make you confuse and let you spend more money , the third fee is an extended overdraft fee , (they just created like 7 months ago) another $ 35 I was not agree with that condition and I did not sign any paper accepting that extended overdraft fee after 5 days


B of A is now charging an extended overdraft fee on top of stacking the fees by bouncing small checks that were already paid out. I have had it with these bastards and will go to the creditit union this month. But we need to show these people we are NOT going to put up with being raped and pillaged anymore!


What I want to know is: WHY are our politicians allowing this *** to happen? Why are they letting these thieves and *** bilk the people of America?

Bank of America?

Bank of "We Are The Biggest *** Thieves" is more like it! :cry


I was overdrawn by 37 cents because someone used my atm card without my permission. Not only was I charged with that overdraft;I received two additional charges because I had rented two DVDs @ $1.09 each just prior to the unauthorized card use.I think this is a bunch of Bovine fertilizer!


they *** me for 15x overdraft fees due to there own stupidity. no authority to make changes? Thats BS!!!!!!!!!


I'm very frustrated with BoA also. The company has taken over $800 in overdraft fees from me so far this year. I've got half a mind to withdraw the $800 from my account (That has $19 in it after my $320 paycheck was deposited [due to overdraft fees]) and call them to tell em thank you for paying me back my 800 bucks, *** off.

I hate BoA and I want my *** money back!


Yup. That's how these thieves operate.

They cost me $450. Leveling the fees the same day a check to cover my transactions cleared. They moved the fees to the top of the list, thus triggering more over- drafts.

Nothing but common criminals. I have since moved my account elsewhere.


i just canceled my accounts today because of the whole "extended overdraft" thing... my account was overdrawn by about 15 cent...

first, they charged 35.00 then they charged another 35.00 because of something else they tacked on from eons ago... i didn't bring it up to positive... so they added the extended overdraft fee of 35.00... get this, they charged me the extended fee on the same day i deposited the money...

i called up today and she says, a fee is a fee, it can't be reversed... so i said forget all the fees-- i'm through and i'm sick of boa inventing ways to cheat me out of my money... i ended up paying $105 dollars for 0.15 cent. i've been with them for almost 10 years and i've never heard of this *** before...

i refuse to keep giving them money...

plus their customer service is not as good as it used to be... i have to hold for about 15 mins everytime i call...


I just added up my fees over the last 2 months. 500.00!!!!!! WTF!! How can a bank process transactions when there are no funds in the account?

Then they charge me 10.00 for "Overdraft Protection Transfer" from my Savings to checking!! I thought this was a free service if enrolled!

35.00 Over draft fees for GOD *** KEEP THE CHANGE TRANSFER'S!!

This bank is HORRIBLE!!! As soon as my Savings account is cleared up I am canceling this account! Please Add me to the list of complaints if a lawsuit comes up!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #69585

The additional fee is not a fee! The extended overdraft fee is interest for the short term loan of there money to cover the initial overdraft.

They are a corporate loan shark, this is usary beyond all legal limits. If there is an attorney reading these posta contact me and I would be the first one to sue and challenge this overnite 5 day INTEREST charge.


I accidentally overdrafted my account by LITERALLY only about $2. They charged me a $35 overdraft fee for that, and another $35 "extended overdraft fee" after 5 days.

So basically, I went another $70 in the hole over $2. What a horrible company. They wouldn't even work with me on that.

Closing my account out as soon as possible. :(


I looked at my bank account online, there was 5 red negative transactions, then 9 $35 fees assessed. I call them and they say that a "pending transaction has occured, " my dish netwaork payment for about $100, All of the nine $35 overdraft fees could have been payed.

But their policy is to pay highest to lowest.

Anyway they could have paid all of the small bills first then defaulted to $100. Because they were the same day but instead they defaulted to $2,$5,$8,$9,$3,$9,$7,$7,$4,$7* charges making me pay $350.00, instead of one overdraft of $96, for $35


SERIOUSLY! They overdrafted me $35 four times within 2 days because of an overdraft that was fixed the next day, twice the day of, and twice the day after putting me back into the negative $ and charged me again.

Poor way to do business.... :(

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