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Anyone else having issues with Bank Of America and loan modification? Have been in so-called "review" status for 3 months.

Sent every piece of information they asked for back in July. I have called twice a week, every week since and have been told we've received everything and it's in review.

Called today, because last Rep said to call after the 15th. I was told that they were requesting financial documents, everything that I already sent them months ago in July.

I also faxed the info again in August and have sent updated bank statements and pay stubs every week since. Then when you state that you've already sent everything they just say, you have to send again if you want to be reviewed! I was given a supervisors phone# 4 weeks ago and have left her 19 messages and not one return call.

So frustrated! Maybe that's what they want, you to "give up"??

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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BOA made an error on our account by putting someone elses pymt into our account. After 5 calls to try and see where this money came from I was told since I did not have a money transfer cn, they could not tell me.

Turns out they took the money back out did not notify us of this, we got on internet to let them know we had made a paymt and to our horror we owed $1600.

NO LETTER, NO PHONE NOTHING TO INFORM US OF THEIR MISTAKE, so I am talking to them today the problem has been fixed but it cost us an extra $400 last month which caused us to fall behind , we owe for July and August, but was just told this am there was nothing they could do because we received the benefits of the mess up when it happened. WHAT A CROCK AND WHO CAN I CALL, I WILL BE REFINANCING SOON THANK GOD :(


wow, 3 years! 3 years of BofA ***.

They have no idea who owns my mortgage. I am told wells fargo, but HSBC has my house lined and that it who I am being foreclosed by. They say no.

that is not true.. then why can't i remove the lean.

Bicester, England, United Kingdom #210479

We are going through the same thing. I lost my job and am currently on unemployment.

We filed for the Home Affordable Modification in July 2010. In August 2010, I called back and they said that they do not have any information in their computers. So, we filed again. We faxed the paperwork even before we got the packet.

I called every week and stayed on top of everything. I called to verify that they received our paperwork and they never did. Then, we were back to square one. We sent everything again.

We were transferred to all different people who had no idea what they were talking about. One representative told us not to worry and the best way to get to the top of the list for the program wasto miss 2-3 payments. I was concerned by this and was reassured that there are over 200 programs and we would get approved by one faster if we did this. So we did, now after all of this, I called on Nov.

9th to get an update for the negotiator and he tells me that we have been denied and when i asked him what can we do from here, he told me to get a job. I called HUD and they are helping us with this matter. I also emailed who is in the chairmans office at Bank of America and my state representative, which was advised by HUD. This is such a mess and now Bank of America is telling us if we dont pay the amount owed in full by Nov.

16th, they will start foreclosure proceedings. This is absolutely ridiculous. They are the most ignorant and incompatant people I have eer spoke to in my life.

Maybe we can help each other out by exchanging notes. I wish you all the best.

Angelica, New York, United States #208042

Update: Called BOA and were denied loan modification and any partial claim. Was out of work for 7 months and couldn't make our normal payment.

Now back to work and can make our regular payment again, but they refuse to offer any help with the back payments. Denial date of 10/29, but no call or letter yet. Rep couldn't tell me why we were denied...surprise!

Now that we're denied (I did send in recent pay stubs showing back to work, but guess they don't care) quickly will they move on the foreclosure process? Took them four months to review for Mod, probably will be much quicker on getting foreclosure started.


Connie is right, they are fairly good at transferring to another department. They fail at everything else.

This has to be purposeful obfuscation. The gov't wants them to modify loans, and they don't want to when they can grind us and foreclose on us. The mortgage crisis is not over; it's just building up to the next big meltdown when those of us who are currently in limbo lose our homes, flooding the market and driving down values so that the banks cannot collect what they are owed.

Either B of A and the other banks can't see the long term effects, or they see a longer term than we do, with lots of human collateral damage leading to some endgame that works out for them, and only them. :(


thanks for the comment. I have been jumping through hoops for these *** for months and have been working on a modification for over a year!

Can they put anyone on the phone that knows ANYTHING!! The only thing they're good at is transferring you to another department, and really there not good at that either, can't say how many times I've been disconnected. I also faxed them my info several times (it must get lost in there circular file).

Maybe since I filed a complaint, I'll get somewhere. Good luck and please wish me luck too .....we'll need it.

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