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Update by user Mar 19

Called Bank of Anti America today and they said the reason i'm blacklisted is because the current account I still have open has had a 0 balance since 9/17, so they can't close this account but they won't let me open any other accounts. That's why Bank of Italy changed their name to Bank of America because they were facists in WWII.

Original review posted by user Mar 18

Wen't online to open a savings account, denied. Went into the branch and also denied.

They said to call the number im the email they sent you. The Risk Identification Support Center Customer Service at 877.240.6886, opt. 2, and gave the lady my SSN and she told me the bank has made a business decision. No other reason.

Going to call back and try to speak to a manager. The strange thing is I can still access my EDD debit card and see statements and download PDFs.

So how can i access that account but not have a savings account?!?!? Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that have to tell you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Savings Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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C'mon, anyone quoting the FDCPA knows exactly why they were denied a bank account. Calling the magical manager won't do anything for you.

The computer already said no. Haranguing the poor person on the other end of the phone isn't fair to them or people waiting on hold. Assuming they don't send you a letter, your best bet is to go to Chex Systems and pull your report. After that, pull your credit report.

It should be free since you were denied. Examine it for mistakes if any and correct them

to Anonymous #1663074

You have no idea what you are talking about idiot. They mentioned they have access still online nothing to do about credit report.

Has something to do with BofA upper mangement. The people on the other side of the phone are idiots like yourself.

Do us a favor and go troll somewhere else. Fake Russian Bot!

to KnottyPuma748 #1663243

We may be idiots but guess what, we HAVE bank accounts, don't have to make calls to beg for one or scamper around, whining on a message board because a bank doesn't want us. Your answer sounds like a load of monkey mucous and is not believable.

Pro Tip: Just because someone says you have a zero balance doesn't mean you're in the clear. Once again, FDCPA quoters are experts at getting stuff sent out to collections and constantly seek ways to wiggle out of debt while blaming others. If an account was sent out, it will show zero. No bank will not close an account because of a zero balance.

Either you weren't listening(likely) or they said what they wanted to say to get you off the phone(highly likely) and back to life. P.S. Make comments on a public message board, expect the public to respond. Sorry if the comments don't support your lame narrative.

Bing....Wait, what's that...

Text alert of deposit in my fully functional bank account. Not bad for an idiot huh?

to KnottyPuma748 #1664065

your an idiot, there's no laws in this country that FORCE BOA or any one else to do business with you, you might not like that but it's the case, BOA has decided you're not someone they want to do business with, as someone else already pointed out I'm 100% certain you know exactly why they view you as someone they'd rather not do business with

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