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I deposited my disabled children’s government issued SSI checks into my account and received a deposit slip showing the funds would be available the next day. I checked the bank app and it showed the funds were available to cover items and checks posting the next day.

The following day I paid some bills and on the third day checked the bank app and was notified the bank put A 7 day hold on my deposit. They then proceeded to return all the payments for my bills and charged $35 NSF fees for each item. I contacted customer service to inquire and was told the 10 day hold was standard for EVERY bank! Then because I complained they increased the hold for 10 days!!!

Keep in mind the deposit was Government issued disability payments not an out of state check from a random person.

This is their way of screwing people out of money and making a profit at the consumers expense. They are holding my money captive while draining my account of fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Check Deposit.

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You expect BOA to have any empathy- they only value the almighty dollar. Brenda Earls of Gaffney, S.C., tried to honor her next-door neighbor, Marine Lance Cpl.

Christopher Fowlkes, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, by planting flags along the route the casket would follow. But a Bank of America branch manager pulled the flags from the bank's property, citing "corporate policy." … Bank of America, which has received $45 billion in federal loans as part of the government rescue of the financial industry, … Earls said she watched Fowlkes, 20, grow up in her neighborhood. Planting the flags, she said, was the least she could do to honor him…. But when she placed one on Bank of America's property, a branch manager ran out of the bank and told her she couldn't do it, she said… "This is a financial institution and this is our policy," Earls recalled the manager saying….

How can you trust BOA’s business culture when they can’t even do the right thing for a Marine. BOA is loyal to the mighty dollar not the US or customers. With this business culture do you really think they care about their customers. - Bank of American CEO Moynihan received a total compensation of $21.8 million in 2017, which included stock awards and health insurance benefits.

That compared with $87,115 for the median BOA employee. - Bank of American made $26.3 M on political contributions (since 1989) and $37.9 M on lobbying (since 1998).

But yet BOA can not pay respect to a US Marine who gave his life for his country…. VERY SAD.

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