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I opened an account with bank of America in may 2009.It's been a bad experience since day one, first of all they sent me and my husbands bank cards to someone else's address then when i complained for 3 weeks we finally received them after a month and a half.

Only for someone to have got a hold to my account number or credit card number and started to illegally do transaction and charge me fee's. One time they took 104.87 then 2 day's later they took 105.00.

They didn't have a reason the only thing the rep said was oh you gave someone must have given your account number to someone but i didn't.

they will not give me my money back for the 104.87 the bank rep told me i would have to just call it a lost.

So i closed one account and opened another the same day. i had to put an opening deposit of 25.00 in but i put in 35.00 i called a few minutes after to check the balance on the new account and it had a balance of 0 dollars.

Me and my husband went back to the bank to let them know, they explained to me that it was a mistake on their behalf and they will gladly transfer the money to the new account like it was suppose to be in the first place.

I assumed everything was fine, but it wasn't. On the 21st there was a negative balance in my account i called the bank and complained. they told me they couldn't do anything because when they did the transfer they credited the account they didn't put any money in there .

Now that didn't make any kind of sense what so ever all i want is my money that bank of america robbed me for and the embarrassment this has caused .....

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I agree B of A just tried to rip their customers off. Atleast that's what they did to me. I have a credit card with them for a few years, I was up to a $12,500 limit. Sometimes I'd get glose and then pay it down to $0. I always paid my bills, until the economy started to crash, my husband is a flooring contractor for new homes being built, like K and B homes. Well, we all know the home building stopped and so did his jobs. I made arrangements with every credit card I had, from the VISA and Mastercard to all my store Credit cards. They all let me pay a small amount every month. B of A was the only bank that refused to let me make any arangements to pay off my card. I think that is pretty ***, I mean I paid nothing at all to B of A, and my other cards were atleast getting something.

Also, the last time I maxed that card to $12,500. I'd pay it down every month, by at least $500 (before my husband lost work), then they would lower my limit to just under what I paid, they kept checking my credit scores as well, I saw a lot of inquires on my report from B of A. That lowers my score from what I heard.

So, I kept getting charged over limit fees because no matter how much I paid them in a month my limit dropped just below my payment, more fees added. Right now they have my bill due to them at around $15,000. For not paying, late fees, overlimit fees. FORGET using this BANK please.

They still owe me $200 from my fathers home on an overpayment from way back in 2000.

Bethel, Minnesota, United States #63040

This bank should really be ashamed of themselves, the way they are treating people. I will gladly tell everyone I know never to do any business with BOA. I closed every account I had with them and will never have anything else to do with this bank again, EVER!

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