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I would never recommend Bank of America as a respectable instution to bank with. From a personal perspective I have not had a good relationship with Bank of America due to their rediculous overdraft charges, other fees, and in general their principals behind ethical business practices.

At a convenience store I used my debit card to make a $7 purchase. Let me add that I had plenty of money in my savings and did not realize my paycheck had not posted yet however I was not concerned about $7. I guess I should have been. Bank of America approved the $7 debit purchase before clearing my paycheck which was direct deposit and I had worked there for over a year.

Thus there should not have been a long hold on clearing the paycheck. Thus, I made the $7 purchase and Bank of America proved it. Lone behold I found that because of the delay, it caused several other transactions to cause overdraft fees. One $7 purchase cost me over $600 in overdraft charges.

When they "decided" to clear my paycheck they took more than half of it in overdraft charges. I relied on this money as my homes only source of income to pay for the bills. To me, they should NEVER have approved a debit purchase of $7 if I did not have enough in my account. Its just plain logic.

To me this is their scheme to make extra money off of their consumers. Taking more than half of my paycheck which I needed to get by for the next two weeks was outrageous. After expressing my extreme dissatisfaction to customer service managers at BOA they did nothing. I was forced to email the CEO directly explaining my dissaproval of their method of practice.

The CEO's office sent me a letter stating they cleared up "most of" the charges but also did a break down of how they are justified in charging me $600 for a $7 purchase. It was all electronic, so how could this cost them anywhere near the inconvenience that it did me? I find it hard to believe their actions were near fair. After receiving the letter from Bank of America's CEO office telling me I am still wrong...

I lost any respect for them and closed all accounts.

I will never bank with them again. What happened to customer satisfaction?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

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They will rob you , they need shut down.


I am an unfortunate customer of Bank of America.I have banked with them since 1997.They change their rules as they feel like.Since when do they charge to cash a check for me that I am the payee of for my brother?I told them they were all just a bunch of SHEEP and cashed it at the store.I also can't stand the plastic face door greeter.

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