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The fact that BAC has no regard for its customers became obvious when I was faced with an unhelpful teller at the Gainesville, VA branch. I went in to complain to the manager, who was equally unhelpful. I would have complained about the manager (a young boy named Jonathan) to BAC, but BAC conveniently has no customer service contacts on their website.

All we wanted to do was deposit 3 checks for $89 and get cash out. The checks were in my name and endorsed on the back by me. My wife tried to cash them using a deposit slip (we have a joint account) and her ID.

The teller insisted that I needed to show my ID (which I didn't have) for them to cash the checks. My understanding is that endorsed checks are bearer instruments (i.e., whoever has them owns them) unless they are endorsed to someone specific. In any case, we had money in the account so if my wife had signed the deposit slip, all they would be doing would be combining a deposit and withdrawal on the same piece of paper. I asked the manager what sense it made to not give us the money using the deposit slip if we could get the money by filling out a separate withdrawal slip. He really couldn't explain but suggested that we use the ATM to deposit the checks and get money. We ended up doing this, so a dumb machine could do what two paid human beings couldn't! I think BAC needs to follow RedBox and BlockBuster's examples and close shop and just set up automated branches in front of 7-11's! The customer service is likely to improve!

It is sad to see how far the banking industry has fallen (especially the large banks). Walmart or 7-11 would have cashed my checks, but a bank that I have extensive financial ties with, wouldn't!

It is sad to see how far the banking industry has fallen (especially the large banks). Walmart or 7-11 would have cashed my checks, but a bank that I have extensive financial ties to wouldn't!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

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New York, New York, United States #663640

I can quote you the policy but the bottom line is they should have helped you in the way I explained. I'm glad you got it sorted out.


It was a joint account and my wife had a deposit slip filled out with her signature and her ID. In fact I went to another BAC branch a couple of weeks later to cash a check made out in my wife's name and the teller actually suggested doing exactly what we had done before (I sign the deposit slip and present my ID).

By the way, I wasn't annoyed or annoying (we were just using the drive through) till after the manager refused to help. I could see the teller being new, uninformed and unhelpful, but I expected better from the manager.

BY the way, BAC senior management has informed me that I was correct and told me that they would try to address this.

I'm not so annoyed now because it seems that someone does care, even if its not at the branch level. BY the way, I've done this for over 30 years without trouble.

New York, New York, United States #662663

Both of you (you and the Bank) were wrong. "Bearer instrument" is not a term.

I don't know where you learned that but it's not accurate. To cash a check you need to present your ID. As an adult, you should consider carrying identification wherever you go and thank the teller for protecting your funds and identity by asking you to present valid proof of ownership of both your account and your checks. The manager was probably irritated with you for being annoying so they decided not to help you anymore, that happens.

They could have done a deposit and withdrawal for your wife.

The result would have been the same but they chose not to help you. Failure on both ends here.

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