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Hi i will just state my 1st name it is Chris, my wife and I were customers of Bank of America years ago. The Bank of America near our house closed Making the next closest about 55 miles away.

After dealing with some local banks and not getting the kind of quality we had gotten in the past from BOA we decided to travel the 55 miles and open new accts i have a Checking and Savings acct. He is where the problem lies when. I opened my acct i made it crystal clear that there would be alot of transfering between my two accts bring that I live 55 miles away, i specifically questioned the person i opened the acct with asking him directly if there is a limit on amount of transfers or withdrawls, because I am aware that some banks do this.

I was told NO we have no such policies. Well i went about my business as usaul i happened to go on my on line banking this morning i was accessed a $63.00 charge for "to many transfers and withdrawles now you can imagine how pissed i am but kept my cool contacted two branches including the one i opened the acct in and was told they will not refund the $63.00, even after i told him that the person told mr there would be no charges for this, i simply was told" i am sorry if you were quoted wrong info, but the charges stay, i have never had a bad check or any other accessed fee from this bank always in good standing, now it will end that way, because i will gladly drive the 55 miles one last time and close all my accts there, my final advise do not believe one word a Bank of America employee tells you, and stay clear of this Bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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