Murphys, California
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So I deposited $4000 cash and have a deposit slip. This morning my BOA account is overdrawn.

They processed it as a withdraw. BOA admits their mistake but won't fix my account immediately. They tell me they will call and update me of the status by 5:00...Thats customer service at it's best. Now I have to fight to get them to acknowledge MY money and I cant access my funds.

Shame on you BOA. Why can't customers charge you a very large fee when you screw with people. This is not the 1st time BOA has made a mistake with me. Each time they take their time and make excuses.

It's time to take our money out of these big institutions that treat people so horribly. I have been a 20+ year customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Albany, New York, United States #1231909

Yeah BOA put the screws to my town as well. They up and closed at the end of August.

Here's the problem the nearest BOA ATM is 9 miles from my home.

I'm on the hoof so that's a walk I'm not taking, but it sure dose turn my crank that I must pay a fee to get my loot from closer more convenient places. IMO they don't care about the average joe they care only for BIG MONEY costumers.

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #1190596

I work at BOA, I believe what may have happened is the teller processed the deposit but used a cash out ticket instead of a cash in

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