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My account was hacked and i did not realized for a few weeks. When i did i called and made claims against charges that were not mine.

. I was told not to worry about it that it was under "protected value customer " and that they will send me some paperwork to sign and send back. Few days later i received the papers and mail them back. After 3 weeks without contact i received a letter that denied my claims.

. When I called back very upset i was told that there is no prove that I didn't do the charges. I asked if they watched the tapes do to every store and bank or atm has a camera the response was that they don't have access to videos and that i need to do a police report. Same day i filed a police report and called the back back with information.

. One month later i received a response that my claims is still denied. I called the police officer that work my case and he said that he tried to get the videos but most of places only hold them 2 weeks to a month before disposing of tapes and banks knows that very well that why they play you at the beginning so can buy time. .

I called the bank back and I was told pretty much "to bad"..i offered to send them my detailed work schedule (with punch in and out ) for the time period when transactions where made to proof that It was not me and they denied. I did everything that I was asked to do by the back of america and I am still denied. . What else can I do?


I even asked them to review my last 5 to 10 years and see how many times i used that stores where charges were made and they refused. .

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Because banks are only required to retain information from the last 7 years, everything beyond that is purged and you only have 3 months to dispute any charge. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your finances.

I bet your password was password1.

You're an ***, Leave Bank of America. :|

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