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Free Legal assistance in class action against Bank of America. complete explaination of your rights.

Bank of America is guilty of embezzalment. they are your bookeepers. mortification of your insurance money. Insurance premiums provide banks with the capital for your mortgage.

they are elgible for no more than 2% intrest on your loans. bank of America is not owned by the federal goverment. Our leaders (politicians) have made a lot of terrible mistakes, but a goverment for the people by the people has a resposibility to educate themselves on the route all money travels. we have of our own free will, raised china's empire for a low prices.

most of our money leaves the country, you can't blame the goverment for that. but you can blame the banks for taking all the money you do have left. they will take every penny you have with absoluty no mercy. this is the root of our economic crisis.

when you buy insurance you are putting your money in a safe place for a rainy day. the banks depend on your premiums to raise capital for their loans. your insurance money(all of it)no matter what kind

gives the banks money to loan. they have no authority to persecute you.

that money is yours. and obviously they have forgotten. all you have to do is remind them who's money they have and who runs this country. politcians provide oil and grease to keep the engine running smooth, but you the consumer are the engine and the power.

used properly the press is the spark. do you get it? this land is your land. the banks have no right to use your credit score against you.

theirs is worse than yours.

I have included in the following complaint, a comman mans constitution. a transelation in modern english the comman language, the human rights ammendments of the constituition of the united states of america.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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I missed payments from Oct 09 to March 2010 when I was offered the trial program. Like most, the 3 month trial extended to 8 months.

After receiving 2 denials which I fought, I finally was approved for the permanent loan modification, but here is the catch folks. First, the loan modification document arrived via Fedex on Oct 25, 2010. The effective date of the mod was written as July 2010. Secondly, My arrearages from Oct 09 - to July 2010 less trial payments totalled 11,980.

BOA "invstor" says I owe $35,659.81 which they so graciously will defer until my home is sold, at which time they will take that chunck out at closing. They have GOT TO BE OUT OF THEIR MINDS. First of all, in this economy and plumetting home sale prices, there is no way I will gain #35K at closing. And if I do.


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