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I have had two very difficult years after Harvey nearly destroyed my Real Estate business in Houston. I am a widow so I have no one else to fall back on when things go south with my business.

I also have a 29-year-old son that has an undisclosed health issue that is unable to work due to severe fatigue and anxiety. I was behind on my car note, my credit cards and with my property taxes and my home mortgage. I had been into my local BOA banking center on multiple occasions and also talked to the BOA credit card department explaining my situation and letting them know that tho it would take time to get back on track that I did not plan to file Bankruptcy but that I fully intended to pay back everything I owed - I also explained that it would need to be done systematically as my priority was to pay my mortgage payments, my car note, my property taxes and allow myself enough funds to run my business (gas, car servicing, insurance, business fees, and supplies). After having very little income for the past 6-9 mos.

and having to depend on friends and family to loan me money I finally switched Brokers and was beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel - I had a closing in April for $3000 - I was excited to think that I could get close to getting caught up on my bills and start answering my phone again - I was paying off bills and suddenly one day I opened my account to see $700+ dollars siphoned out of my personal account to pay my business credit card - I had talked to them several times explaining my situation so they were aware of my situation - they opted instead to on their own with out an attempt to contact me to just take out the money and apply it to the business credit card - it put me in extreme dire straights where I literally had not money for food or gas - it was extremely stressful and for the first time in my life I had severe chest pains and sheere panic - I went through 6 years of my husband battling Stage IV colon cancer when my kids were in highschool and was working full time - it was extemely stressful but nothing compares to the treatment I received from bank of america - after being an account holder for 28+ years - yes I lost it and called and screamed at everyone on the phone not understaning how this could happen - there was no sympathy at all on the part of anyone in a decision-making capacity. I called my CPA and she was shocked that they actually have the ability to take hard earned money from my personal account to pay a corporate account - she was trying to figure out how to rectify this with the IRS - my attorney felt that it was illegal on the part of BOA and felt the money should be returned to me. I had another closing last week and deposited the money and was told by my banking center that the money would be available the following morning at 9 AM just to find out that they had put a 10 day hold on my account - the local banking center was able to help me get the funds 5 days earlier - I had a checked that bounced in that process and was charged a fee - that was by the way not returned to me in the end. I deposited 1K into my business account to cover $600 in overdraft fees - I was moving forward!

So today I wake up to my account being stripped of $2100 - no warning - no attempt to work with me - I tried calling from my home phone and it was clear that my phone was blocked - I then called from my brothers phone - the call went through but once I plugged in my SS# I was disconneced - I call my bank manager and she offered me to come in the bank and she would call and make sure I was connected - I told my story to 2 people who were very sympathetic and felt certain that they could get me a reversal - they just needed a manager to approve the reversal - it was at that point that I was connected to someone that sounded more like a drone than a human - I knew imeidately after hearing her tone of voince that I did not have a change in *** of getting any help at all - I told her that she was missing a sensativety chip and that if they were doing this to me that it was happening to many more people and it was unfair and probably illegal - and that I would do what I could to get on a mission to help others by systematicly telling my story of the complete disregard for humanity.

I am a Realtor and I have a voice - I work with oil and gas expats from all over the world - in the past I have always recommended BOA - I will never do that again - I will share my story whenever possible and I will let people know what BOA stands for - the lack of a sensitivity chip for people in their time of need - abusing their power over others in difficult situations. I am blessed in though I am 65 years old I have the ability to make a good living again - I plan to systematically dismantle all my accounts at BOA - and I will search until I can verify that what they are doing to me and no doubt many more people in similar situations is stopped - has our county and our society and corporate America stooped to such a low level as to take advantage of people in their severe times of need when they are doing everything in their power to claw their way out of their financial pit and get back on track - unbelievable- such a sad state of affairs!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Credit card service department, No reconsideration offered, Poor service care, Nobody to talk to for help.

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