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Updated by user Jan 16, 2023

Lawsuit is filed about this matter have a case number and I need y'all assistance and I need to make sure I got a attorney cause these judges covering and playing dirty games and aware of Alot that they are doing i bet it's a judge behind all this I'm going thru which is illegal because ain't no judge in Islam and we ain't allowed to judge only Allah can judge and no human is perfect only Allah u can't expect someone to be perfect we all going make mistakes but yet I get held accountable with everything no matter if it's small im wrong not them sounds like they kids and grown people bodies facts but this is a accurate legal lawsuit because they violated my rights by waving my rights without me saying it facts

Updated by user Jan 16, 2023

They basically waived my rights and went with the district court judge decision that I denied it shouldn't been a crime without me receiving a warning a sidetation then it becomes a crime it's very illegal wat they are doing because they are using this against me and if I get locked up for the same charge they can bring this back up the facts and statement is totally backwards don't sound right and it happened in a hotel they did wat they did to try protect the security rights and him being in a wrong Brian earl carter works at old Radisson hotel on Fayette that's now closed down and they renting cars and doing other stuff out of it wasn't really alldat secure as a hotel so who should get held accountable them not me I was In a situation and was just trying to make myself comfortable and keep myself up and clean something Muslims love faith over fear cleanliness over Filth Deen over dunya they are doing the complete opposite facts

Updated by user Oct 27, 2022

Same thing I have to put in a lawsuit because that was a illgeal decision that I rejected at district court that they forced on a stet for a year which is holding and slowing me up from doing Alot of stuff accurate legal argument they would have to write me a settlement about this I shouldn't been charged for something like this with receiving a warrant and then a sidetatation then it becomes criminal facts

Original review updated by user Sep 27, 2022

To protect stand up and speak up and show more proof that this is a on going serious matter from the courts to my social media accounts from social security them tryna keep wat iam entitled to and force certain stuff illegally now I want to say I had is I had a hearing at district court in patapsco Baltimore city for trespassing I never got a warning or pay fee for it to be taken to court and become a criminal charge and the charge occured in a hotel where the security officer Brian Earl Carter has my picture in his security office illegally without a consent or anything legal this hotel was called Radisson and the other side was once the crown plaza then became holiday inn so I stood around even when it was closing down I was connected with certain people in there I believe they forced and made this decision because it involved in a security officer so they tryna cover and protect his wrongs and rights by putting it on a stet that means if I pick the same charge up they can bring that back up and use that against me the statement was written totally backwards it contradicts and I still wonder how they knew and found wat room I was in out of 27 floors there was not TV on I was actually chilling they came busting I'm the room security with like four Baltimore city officers remind u he never had anything legal on me or no consent to do wat he did I brought that up they ignored and looked pasted that and when the case got sent downtown to circuit court they have no right or authorization to make a decision ok that type of case they was supposed to throw the case out just like they did from the warrant I had from 2019 that I was charged with 1st degree burglary and etc I was forced I'm John Hopkins mental part in 2021 against my own will police claim I was waving a bb gun went there was tryna leave the people said we admitting u in and I said was reason and wat y'all got to just do that they used wat the police said so I went alone because I didn't want to go off i don't even trust John Hopkins that's not even my hospital didn't want to give them a reason to try hold me longer so I holded my outburst and they basically kept me in there Force me to take there medication I rejected so they took it to court and it worked in.there favor so I couldn't leave until I took there medication and if I kept denying it they was going to med pandal me and if I lost they could reject me with the medicine so I took it and it messed me up almost stopped me from having kids it was drying my insides out it was some type of salt I have it on my John Hopkins medical records how did I leave John Hopkins if I had a warrant in 2019 I got arrested for trespassing which they kept charging and locking me up back to back for without warning or a sidetation u must first go thru that before u charge someone as a crime for that which they failed to do so they threw all of em out but this one involving a closed down hotel that wasn't secured they downtown basically forced me take the offer district court offered that I rejected which they had no right to do so and.they knew they couldn't call it that's why they sent this stet notice that I will submit that's coming from circuit because I denied this sale offer at district because i Kno I wasn't in no wrong the security officer was but they still worked in his favor and he totally in a wrong violating my rights putting my picture in his office that's some *** stuff can make a decision I rejected this is a lawsuit as well y'all fight for human rights so y'all should be able connect me and I give permission for y'all to allow lawyers to view it totally discrimination religious beliefs lawsuit defamation of character my privacy always invaded I can rarely do anything and lawsuit should be on Facebook because I can rarely use my accounts without it being dictated stalked harassed and illegally monitored very inconvenient because I now have to expunge illegal charges they tryna make me go thru the disability process over again so they can prolong it and avoid paying me my back pay that case been going on for awhile I appreciate if y'all assist me by any means these are serious on going matter and they can not enforce or change who iam which is a firm believer in Islam that is not man made nor government controlled and we can not associate partners with Allah that's shirk meaning u can't be Muslim and apart of a gang which iam not strictly Muslim and they are steady doing wateva they want illegal with anything legal they trying to get something to have a reason so therefore lawsuits need to be filed from different matters and i Kno my beliefs and wat I follow and they doing everything against it they doing wateva and everything in there power to try destroy and deceive my life meaning force me to go crazy orand do something to myself and I can't die a Muslim if so they trying to benefit off me by any means and iam not apart of anything with secrets I can also submit the statement of facts and it's totally twisted and doesn't make sense how did they find me out of 27 floors dnt add up and they made this decision to try cover him so if I get fake caught for it they refuse to go by proper law and they did wat they did to protect him and his rights when he totally wrong for even have my picture in the security office when it was once a hotel it's now closed down and they using it for other stuff but it was called the Radisson I was not in a wrong his was and downtown totally in a wrong for even going with a decision I rejected and forcing the offer on me they had no input only option was for them to throw it out but they didn't properly do that they are doing wateva down to my social media accounts I can rarely do anything they block and try stop me I'm society and they system playing a dirty game to try keep me trapped it's very depressing overwhelming annoying because it's very illegal wat they are doing I never have no peace or privacy and they feel like they are the controller and ruler of my life and that's very false it's only one true God one true path and I believe that's Islam they fail to properly respect that they doing everything against it putting my life in harms way and jeopardy this is a very serious on going matter trespassing does not become a charge until u been warned then u received a sidetation and they started charging me back to back soon as the state attorney who wasn't prosecuting lower level cases lost the vote they felt comfortable to do wateva and I believe they failed her by putting charges on her to make her look bad so they could get her out the office and I believe it's only going get worse if these problems dnt get solved by lawsuits and it's proper legal civil arguments very much facts

Preferred solution: Lawsuit filed this inconvenient and if it he picked up again they can use this against me and they have no right even charging me with doing the legal steps and they are doing illegal stuff with me in the system that's bringing me down .

Baltimore City Circuit Court Pros: Accurate arguments for lawsuit.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Cons: Mocking my beliefs and doing everything against it, Illegal authorization and access, Fail to go by proper civil laws, Illegal monitor dictating and controlling, Cyber stalking and harassment.

Location: 700 East Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21225, United States

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