Ordered 10 of the jute tote with monogram bags. They were supposed to be gift wrapped and shipped to my home.

Upon arrival I noticed that the cards were all thrown at the bottom of the box Sis.. I was unable to identify which bag belong to Former. There was One package with a card attached however, as I opened the packages to figure out which bag was inside I noticed that the card was attached to the wrong package.

I called Ballard customer service and the service clerk was very empathetic and shocked. This has been a very shocking situation for me as I am a customer of Ballard a fan of ballads.

However I have to rethink my position on that. The customer service guy offered me a $25 gift certificate. I dont know if its in the mail or on my email I have not seen anything on my email.

Because of the situation, we had to get in the car and drive for about an hour plus to get to Ballard in Long Island in order to get bags so that we could present these gifts appropriately. The saving grace is that that young woman at the register whose name is Blu took care of us with patience, grace and dignity.

My disappointment/revulsion with the individuals or department that deals with gift wrapping cannot be stressed enough.

It's really low and disgusting.

M. Senior

User's recommendation: I think an explanation as to what happened would be necessary.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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