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We hired Adam Shaf, the owner and operator of Build n Build, Backyard Escapes, LLC, Adam Builds, and many other inactive company names, in August 2022 to build a pool and other home improvement jobs. Although the work for the backyard started in May 2023, upon our prepayment, he has consistently delayed or stalled essential milestones of the backyards project and has failed to communicate with us who the subcontractors and vendors are working on our property.

Since the beginning of the project, I have paid $276,648.70. To date, my pool is incomplete, the pergola has not been erected, and my backyard remains unfinished. This is extremely disappointing as I was made to believe I would be able to enjoy my backyard with my young children for the latter half of the summer.

Each time I as for progress updates, Adam keeps postponing productivity with no valid reason although every payment has been made to complete important points of the project.

Although we have repeatedly requested Adam fulfill his contractual obligations and provide the corresponding invoices for construction and work performed, he has failed to do so to date. Rather, Adam meets our requests and demands with excuses, inappropriate comments, and unprofessional conduct.

User's recommendation: be aware.

Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois

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Eder Xzq

You retaliated when he did not disclose his trades to you so you could screw him over just as your brother did. Nice try tho Waited to the end of the job just like your brother did Adam was the victim


Goto, not the first time. He probably took your money to build the insane pool he's got in his backyard...

Eder Xzq
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2388472

To guest 238**** I know who this is BTW-very easy to track on this site How terrible to assume that I am his wife and I paid for the pool 100% I designed and funded all of cost of this project to help jump start our pool business. The beautiful pool I designed and funded was used to advertise on social media which gained our business many jobs.

Unfortunately a fake website was created by a client who backed out last minute, tried to blackmail out business and made fake reviews which is currently in the federal courts for review.

How terrible of you and your assumptions. Maybe find another hobby other than making false assumptions and wasting your time stalking our business.

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