Anyone considering joining this firm as a partner should beware. They take 18k of your hard earned money as an "investment" in their partnership then send you an overpriced selling course.

There are no leads, no lists, no direction, no coordination, limited internal resources, and everyone simply working in silos then they take another 9.5% of your earnings. You express concerns and there is no action or you're met wiht hostility.

They misrepresent, take your funds, then under deliver. TOTAL SCAM!!!

User's recommendation: think twice before joining.

Location: Vancouver, Washington

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These guys are posing as not a franchise deal to avoid FTC disclosures. total fraud. may they rot alone in the valley


Complete opposite from my experience!


Thank you for your honest and open assessment. They seemed to be a scam to me, too.


would be interested to learn more about your experience with b2b CFO. I am considering joining but have concerns on support


First comment was perfect summary. They have higher turnover than they admit.


Scam - comments are 100% correct


I was a former B2B CFO partner and I largely agree with the negative comments. You get very little guidance and no leads.

The strategies are outdated.

I know at least 50 people who have quit the firm - they had over 225 partners, that # is significantly lower now. Keep your hard earned money and invest elsewhere.

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