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I spent 27K and they installed them quickly but not where I wanted them. I wanted them on the work shop and garage not the main house but they put one row across the main house so I would have to pay more in case of hail to remove the panels and replace them.

This company should not be paid until you are satisfied I made a mistake......

*80 words minimum beware of this company, they have a good product but they only care about their bottom line not yours........

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aztec Renewable Energy Cons: Where they installed one row of panels.

Location: Del Rio, Texas

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None of this is true. After installation the customers roof experienced hail damage and he decided to upgrade his roof to metal.

The insurance company paid us to remove and reinstall the panels on his new roof. He asked us to run the conduit in his attic and change the location of the panels from the prior location. We complied with all his request. He did not however enjoy us asking for the insurance money upfront.

This is our policy for small labor only projects involving insurance companies. The first 27,000 he mentioned was for the original installation.

He was a cash paying customer and paid 60% down and 40% at completion. He inspected the installation, signed off, provided our crew with an excellent performance rating and made final payment.


Dear Red, it was removed because it was WRONG, and Libel. You could have had a working system if you had listened to us when we told you we could NOT get a permit to install in the location you insisted on!

The front of your home! Then you decided on your other property but changed you mind. We have no problem installing a Solar System any where it is legal to be installed at. Your system was bought and stored in our warehouse for two [2] years.

We called you every 2 to 3 months with no response. I know because I made the notes on your file. I worked a very long time for the phone company and learned customer service starting when I was 18 yrs old. I do not treat people in an unprofessional manner.

I realize you and Mr. Crumpley have tempers , that is no excuse to try to destroy a mans company and reputation. I am sure you earned a living and no one tried to destroy you where you could not support your family and home. This is NOT what God wanted for our lives.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself", "For give and forget". Every year we review the systems coming out for that year and buy the best available for our clients.

You started this project in 2016 and now we are in 2018. I hope you find a Solar System that will help keep the air we breath clean, and save you the money you spend on your power bill.

Red l Ivg

Charles crumpley claims to be skilled at getting negative reviews removed, I suspect this is why he started his reply off this way. His tactic is to bully and threaten people from telling their side of the story, he did so with me.

He blames others and praises his "expert" "valuable" services even when they are worthless in the end. Truth is the truth and judge for yourself. I believe it does not make you an expert when you do an easy job, it is those hard ones that take an expert to do them well.

Imo, A good business can do it and profit still and OK business will do it because they committed to it, a failing business talks the talk and blames others. I know which one Aztec renewable energy is, from the emails you sent Mr crumpley.

Siera Ylt
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I just got the same treatment- bullying and threatening due to a 1 star review. Crumpley will not do anything about warranty work or assisting getting things fixed.

He threatened me with an Attorney, then saying he will come by my home and take my property.

Latest email he said he will see me tomorrow. Well tomorrow he will be met with the local Police Department issuing a criminal trespass warning.


This website does not allow comments to be removed. This customer read the previous comment and went on a temporary tangent.

He suffers from PTD from serving our country. He is very happy with the solar installation.

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