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Axiom Commercial funding and its owner James Soaring Eagle Vonda are petty thieves that will approve just about any real estate loan, ask for a site fee of 1% then never close the loan. I have documentation to prove every word I say. Never send these people money. There are many other lenders that can help you. Here are some links to check out about these creeps.



There are many others, Never send them money. You will never get it back or a loan!!!

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He lives in Liberty Missouri. Ferrett Auctions
Rob Holliday
I know where James screamin eagle resides. Is he currently wanted by any authorities? Is there any type of rewarde for him and his accomplists?
In the know
For all you that are following these posts, let me make you aware that the so called Soaring Eagle is in trouble again. He claimed to have a shelter for dogs and cats when they are abused, but the fact is, he was arrested on
5/2010 for animal cruelty. he claims to be this non profit organization, but SHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! the IRS is on to him. James Soaring Eagle Vonda aka, James Hebert, you will no longer own a dog or a cat.
Why don't you contact me, you piece of ***. You are a thief and the world knows it. now your trying your non profit deal to pick up girls that are down on there luck. You are a sorry excuse of a man. email me, i'd love to speak with you. :grin
Ken Thomason
Have they run you out of Texas yet James? I saw another report on you, You are a thief and a liar that will get what you deserve. I hope your in prison, or the authority's catch you soon, And believe me, they are after you................
Learned the hard way
James Vonda, which is NOT his real name (real name James Herbert) is nothing more than a thief having ripped off more people than you can even imagine. His "business" is just a way for him to steal money from unsuspecting people. I wouldn't be surprised, and in fact believe that James wrote all those "good" reports himself. He ran out of NY state with stolen equipment and money from other lifestylers. Moved several times, being forced to move after cheating more people and then moved to Mo., to steal more money from more people. Finally having to RUN out of the state yet again before he got arrested for his theivery. Stay away from him and NEVER do business with him. He is NEVER to be trusted. Nothing but lies will come forth from his lips and nothing but loss of your funds will come from your wallets. Banks don't give a *** about giving money or not to "lifestylers" so don't believe his words. He's been a petty theif his entire life and a liar and has left a trail of many whom he has ripped off in his wake. BEWARE of him in ALL things, lifestyle or not, especially if it involves money. He is nothing but a charlatan. Do everyone a favor and report him to the authorities, report him (and anyone associated with him) to any consumer watchdog group and report him to the BBB. Report him to the Attorney General as well. He must be stopped and the only way he will be stopped is to be put in to prision. Be wary though, he'll come back with some other scheme or false company that is... Show more
Axiom still hasn't paid their corporate docs in Nevada. The local law enforcement is checking on them as we speak. Beware is all I can say.....To bad James, I will never give up the fight for whats right. I hope you go to prison for your wrong doings.
Hey James, Why don't you email me? You promised to repay the money you stole from me in installments, but I have yet to see a dime. You are a thief and a liar, both of which I personally dislike quite a bit. You can have all these fake people say whatever you want on here, I could be the president of the US on here, but I tell the truth. Have no reason to lie, whereas you my friend, need to stay hidden under the rock in which you came. You would be better off. Hopefully, no one else falls for your BS scams.
Good luck to Mr. Vonda and his BIG BUSINESS Axiom. He is a creep and when the time comes for him to meet his maker, thats when he will be crying. He'll wish that someone was beating him with a cat o' nine tails. He can't even keep his corporate documents paid, much less take care of 200+ employees. He operates out of a little dump in Leonard TX. and spends his time trying to find people down on their luck to prey on. Time will tell what will happen to you Mr. Vonda. I can't wait to see. You will get what you deserve.
Have any of you "Axiom lovers" checked their legal status lately? They haven't kept their corporate documents in Nevada current. Yes, they are in default. Maybe its that they are sooo busy, or it was just a oversite by one of their hundreds of employee's. You would think that a 300 million dollar corporation would be sure to keep their legal doc's up to date. Also, a company that has been in business for 30 years? Thats not what the state of Nevada says. If its true, why don't some of you fans fill in the world as of where they were licenced for so long. As I said before, If there are any "Real" customers that have closed a loan with this BS company, I'd like to here from you. And I still haven't heard from the baptist minister. I may want to make a donation to your church.

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