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Please BEWARE of Transport Connection and William "Bill" A*****. Hands down the most inefficient, unprofessional business I have ever worked with and ordered services from. Although Transport Connection and Bill Avrich already has a poor rating all over this industry, I fully stand up to my decision for giving them 0 out of 5 stars. I made the mistake of ignoring all of these other very low ratings and negative reviews because I spoke to a sales agent there, and she seemed very nice, claimed she had been working there for 10-12 years and appeared very knowledgeable. She even claimed to give me a discount.

I was shipping a car out of Arizona, and other shipping companies provided a long list of responsibilities to be completed prior to the cars shipping process. This information was not provided by the transporter, and I was told that the other lists provided by the other companies must be the requirements of those specific companies, but was not necessary here. I continued to move forward with my decision to go through Transport Connection.

For the next few days, I had a few calls and emails with the sales agent since I still wanted to know what type of documentation and preparation was needed. After being told repeatedly that only the letter from the bank authorizing shipping was required, I was finally transferred over to a supervisor for further information. The supervisor then emailed the exact same list of requirements that all other companies had listed on their websites. This information was received after my many requests, not on their website and not even during my initial go-ahead for services, nor on the contract! Given the time that had passed before I received this information, there was no possible way to get everything done in only a few days time. They never provided any information regarding when the car would be leaving, or when I needed to deliver the car to get it on the next hauler since there would be a transfer in the middle of the route. I sent the company and sales agent that responded previously, follow up questions regarding the list they provided, and received no response for a week. Finally, I called and a seemingly nice guy answered, told me that the prior sales agent was on vacation and tried to help answer my questions. So, I ended up rescheduling the entire reservation, and no one thought it was necessary to provide the date of shipping, the date of drop-off, or the requirements for preparing for the cars transport.

Finally, I came to an agreement with the sales agent in writing through email and legal binding, that if I was going to sell my car, I would be able to cancel the reservation without receiving a cancellation fee. I called the sales agent to cancel. She asked me to send her the previous email with the contract information, so I did. I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes during this time as she looked for who sent me the email, although I had already told her it was the sales agent at Transport Connection.

When she got back on the phone, I asked her why I needed to know who had sent me the contract information and why it was difficult to figure out. She began to get very rude with me and couldnt even answer my question. I had to hang up on this woman because she was so rude and unbecoming. Right after hanging up, my card had been charged for shipping services for the vehicle.

Currently, I am still trying to receive my refund from Transport Connection stay away but I am so bewildered that I had to vent through a review in hopes that others will AVOID this company at all costs! Any company that values their customers and reputation would never respond in that way to customer feedback, or charge a customer after one of their own agents made an agreement with a customer! Now, I cant hire another company for the job until I receive my refund for services that were never received in the first place.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Autotransportconnection Com Cons: Steal, Are dishonest, Are slimy.

Location: 5555 Ne Trieste Way, Boca Raton, FL 33487

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Whoever wrote these baseless complaints was either a) a competitor of Transport Connection, envious of Bill A******* industry knowledge, experience and success, or b0 some cheapskate penny pincher who didn't want to pay the market rate to get his or her vehicle shipped and was upset that Bill refused to accede to their demands for a lowball/bait-and-switch quote. Everyone with an IQ above 70 knows that Bill Avrich is a genius and the best at what he does (arrange car transportation). That is all.


Ignoring what half the internet said about Bill A***** (the Boca Raton Florida repeat convicted felon who runs Transport Connection all by himself, so you got duped) was your first mistake, especially the multiple felony arrests and Florida State prison sentences William A***** has served, and why he was arrested that many times. One quick Google search will easily prove all this before anyone starts crying, and it'll prove much more, if you're smart enough to really dig into Bill A******* background.

It's right there waiting for you to find it.

Just imagine the things that aren't on the internet. Good luck ever getting your money back.

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